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Beta Testing for Huge Success


Well, I can’t believe it – but I am wrapping up the beta round of The Epic Success Academy with humongous…well, success! I am honored, humbled and beyond ecstatic at the response from all the participants who joined me in learning how to build an epic life and business that they love!

To give you a little bit of an inside look and debrief: Beta testing is a way to really learn how to serve deeply and make your academy or product it’s very best before fully launching. Whether you are an online service provider, business coach or brick and mortar establishment, creating a beta opportunity for your followers to take advantage of (whether it be free, paid or both) will help you work out the kinks and learn how to best serve your audience before releasing your “baby” out into the world.


In today’s podcast, I will be debriefing you on my beta process, including:

  • The benefit of surveying your audience.
  • How I found my participants.
  • How to Survey to get gold
  • The power of testimonials.
  • Plus, where I will go from here with The Epic Success Academy!

You can also download your free Beta Process Checklist by clicking here.

These are the exact steps I took to make my beta experience a success, and now you can make yours a success, too!


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Epic Success Podcast 010 – Boss Mom: Interview with Dana Malstaff – Building a Business and Nurturing a Family

Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Dana Malstaff, CEO and founder of Boss Mom, podcaster and author. With over 9,000 students in various courses and over 10 years of experience in behavior modification content, creation, community building, and business strategy, Dana grew the Boss Mom brand into a six figure business in less than a year. Her community has grown to over 20,000 women who are pursuing their passions, raising their families, and building each other up in the process.

Her Boss Mom Movement is all about losing the guilt when it comes to raising babies and businesses at the same time, and believes that pursuing our passions and building our dreams while including our children in the process, is the best way to build thriving businesses and families.

I know you will be inspired to let go of any guilt around your life or business as Dana gives us all permission to feel what we feel and then to move forward.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • Dana’s own story of feeling guilt when faced with having babies while wanting to build a business
  • How she entered the entrepreneurial world and began to search for people who understood her
  • How she handles (and loves) the people in her life who don’t get what she’s doing
  • The powerful culture she has created and how it has lead to an amazing community of over 20,000 women
  • Why it’s so important to be completely YOU in business – quirks and all
  • Why Dana doesn’t believe in work/life balance and instead how she uses the power of tweaking, assessing, and integration
  • The most important thing to know and look for when hiring a coach or mentor
  • Dana’s keys to building a great team that keeps her focused and moving forward

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Next week:

I will also be talking with the amazing Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. His podcast reaches hundreds of thousands of people every week. He calls himself the crash test dummy of online business. He is also my personal mentor in the podcast and business building space.