Hey! I’ve missed you! Haven’t had a solo show on the Epic Success podcast in awhile. What I want for you, more than anything, is for you to find the freedom that’s available to you by doing and being the very best version of you. To get you there, today we’re talking about mastering your money mindset and the framework that will get your thinking off auto-pilot.

Money mindset is a high-performance attribute. My guess is, if you’re listening to the Epic Success podcast or hanging with me on social media, high performance is something you aspire to. It’s my honor to help you because I have been where you are!

I’ve ran a business under ‘stressed success’ and used to believe that making money was hard and you had to work hard for your money. What you may not realize is I switched from my Masters in Business to a Doctorate in Neuropsychology, not because I had it all together, but because I was a hot mess! I wanted to understand what was different in the minds of   the successful entrepreneur and what I learned is that we are all exactly the same except how we think.

If you’re ready to get to the next level of your income or business, I’m about to help you understand the framework where you uncover your money stories that are no longer serving you. Ready?

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “Our thoughts create our emotions”

A lot of us walk around saying “I feel this way and therefore it is.” That is what I call thinking on autopilot. Your thoughts and emotions repeated over time become a belief. Belief is just a perception, not reality. Here’s where the brain comes in – the reticular activating system (RAS) only lets in what you believe in your subconscious to be true. This is why it’s vital to become the creator of your thoughts. [4:25]

  • “You are 100% responsible for how much money you’re able to earn.”

Your past, present, and future thoughts about money are currently creating the money you are going to have. Now that you realize you are the creator of your thoughts, you can craft new thoughts and take your thinking off of auto-pilot. The scarcity thinking you’ve had until now will block your money flow. [15:00]

  • “You can not exchange time for money and create wealth. To create wealth and abundance, you need to exchange value.”

Once you get obsessed about going after those stories, that’s where abundance comes from. I share a simple yet powerful exercise that’s great for bringing your money stories to the forefront. [22:24]

Make sure to tune in for part 2 of mastering your money mindset! Until then, make sure you listen to last week’s episode regarding rewiring your thoughts, which will prepare you for thinking like a successful entrepreneur.

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