What I Stand For

Together, we create significant impact within ourselves, our communities, and our world

People need you and the gifts and talents God has given you. I’ve dedicated my career to helping passionate entrepreneurs like you train your thinking to claim the business and life you desire.

When you invest in my programs, you’re improving more than yourself; you’re making a global impact.

My Core Drivers

I am called to…


Blessed to be a blessing

With a difficult childhood of my own, I felt called to support children who felt as abandoned as I did. That’s why I established Mosaic Vision, a nonprofit organization, in 2005 to support Ugandan widows and children orphaned by AIDS. Today, a portion of all profits from my business go to Mosaic Vision. Together, we are making the world a better place.

Love my tribe

I honor and get to know each and every person I work with. All of us have a story, and I’m honored when the next phase of yours involves working with me. I’m obsessed with connecting with you and helping you on your journey to greatness!

Create a lasting impact

My goal is to leave a lasting, meaningful impression on each and every person I serve. My work is my legacy. Through my research and methodologies, you’ll achieve your wildest goals — and that will set into motion a chain reaction for epic, positive change.

Express deep, enduring gratitude

From the seeds of gratitude grow an abundant life. Fear and gratitude can’t coexist in the same brain. When we recognize and are thankful for our blessings, we are able to fully embrace the gifts we’ve been given.

Be fully present

In everything I do, I’m there 100%. Presence is powerful, and when we show up with our whole selves, we are able to create a deeper impact.

Stay in integrity

I do what I say I’m going to do, and I practice what I teach. When you and I keep our promises, we take responsibility for our actions and our results. We build confidence in our brains that our words can be trusted.

Live an extraordinary life

#ABG — Always be Growing! I’m always learning, growing, and stretching— and I challenge my clients to do the same. When you’re willing to dig deeper, you open yourself up to more possibilities.

Honor our creator
by living on purpose

All of us have been created with a big mission and purpose in this world. I honor God as the giver of all things, including business success, financial abundance, unique gifts, and enriching relationships. You may have a different name for God (like Universe or spirit), but the key is that our life and our mission are gifts. Everything is possible for us. We only need to step into it.

Have fun

Fun and laughter are what make life so sweet, so I make space for them in my day-to-day — and so do my clients. When you embrace these simple pleasures, you allow yourself to deepen your relationships, enjoy your work, and feel more alive and joyful.

Do our values match? Let’s get to know one another: