Optimize your greatest asset to scale and succeed:

Your Mind

Hack your brain’s programing for its highest performance, so you can increase productivity, scale rapidly, and grow a business and life you love

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What if you could step away from your desk, spend more time with your family, travel whenever you wanted, and enjoy your successful business?

It’s not a fantasy. You can have a million-dollar revenue that requires less from you — not more. My programs combine my experience as a profitable entrepreneur with the neuroachievement™ system I developed while earning my PhD in neuropsychology, giving you the edge you need to transform into the successful entrepreneur you want to become.

And when you hardwire your brain through my programs, know that that you’re making a difference beyond your own life and business. A portion of all profits go to support Ugandan children orphaned by AIDS.

 It all starts with the power of your brain.
Let me show you how.

If you’re a coach (or looking to become one) then this program is designed to transform your practice. You’ll master the Neuro Coaching Model and learn how to monetize the system to produce incredible results for yourself and your clients.

Accomplish a Year’s Worth Of Goals In 67 Days With the ONLY Program That Actively Takes You Step-By-Step From Serial GOAL SETTER To Effective GOAL GETTER

The 67-Day Year program not only provides you with the step-by-step training and guidance on the exact same method my students and I use to accomplish a year’s worth of goals in a quarter of the time…

… but it also primes your brain to allow success and remove the blocks, obstacles, and blind spots that hold you back.

Developed through my extensive research, the 67-Day Year taps into the power of neuroscience to help you align your mind and remove the blocks keeping you from reaching your goals.

You no longer need to sacrifice your time, relationships, health, or experiences to build the business of your dreams.

The 67-Day Year takes you by the hand and helps you speed up your goal achievement, so you’re accomplishing things in a quarter of the time!

Goal Setting Academy

Set epic, audacious goals that you achieve, every single time.

When it comes to success, how you approach setting goals can make you or break you. When you’re intentional about the goals you set and how you approach, you’ll see results like you’ve never imagined.

After earning my PhD in neuropsychology, I cracked the code to creating business and personal goals that you can achieve every single time, and I uncover it all in the Goal Setting Academy, a 1-hour training that will forever change how you approach your goals. This simple but revolutionary method of identifying, organizing, and refining your goals will forever change how you approach life’s opportunities.

Epic Productivity Academy

Make every day your most productive yet.

What if you could increase your productivity exponentially? What if you could gain hours back in your day with just a few simple tweaks? The Productivity Powerhouse Workshop is a challenge can complete in under a week, showing you exactly how to set each day up to be the most productive it can be.

Drawing from my own research, as well as the time-saving habits highly successful business owners, the Productivity Powerhouse Workshop will help you lose the overwhelm and conquer the world in no time.