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It's nearing the end of 2019 and it's time to get your 2020 goals in order!!

Have you been thinking about your 2020 business goals?

If at the end of each year, you’re left staring at your list of unfinished goals, then you need a different and proven goal-setting approach.

Have you been wanting to...

  • Figure out how to reach ALL of your 2020 goals (so they’re not just another unfulfilled new year’s resolution!)
  • Find a proven and easy-to-follow goal setting system that you can use again and again (and not just for your business but for your life goals too!)
  • Stay on course with your goals throughout 2020 (and not be swayed by all of the shiny objects!)

...while wondering how you’re going to achieve your looooong list of goals for business growth, lifestyle freedom and creating more impact in the world?

Have you been looking for a system that you can use every time to break down, create and reach those goals every time?

Well... You've found it!

A way to:

  • Cut through all of the goals that you have swirling around your mind and focus on the ones that will get you closer to your dream life
  • Set epic goals that build towards achieving the business and life that you’ve been wanting
  • Break your goals down in easy to manage, bite-sized steps so that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed and confused anymore about what your next step is

Get the Goal Setting Academy at a DEEP discount
only available here!

Get it Today for only $197 (Regular price is $497)

Let’s make 2020 the most EPIC year for your business and your life!

Dr. Shannon Irvine is an Entrepreneur, High Achievement Mentor, Host of the Epic Success Podcast and PhD. in Neuro-Psychology & Philantropist. 

Dr. Shannon helps her clients “neuro-hack” their success and build an Epic Life and Business that they love by harnessing the power of the brain to hardwire productivity, goal attainment, and high performance mindset mastery.

Through her courses, programs, and Epic Success Podcast, her clients learn the power of neuroachievement™ — her process for shifting how to think, act, and grow, so they can achieve anything they desire. They learn how to hardwire what they want, and delete anything that’s holding them back!

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs go for their God given dreams by giving them the step-by-step blueprint to go from “Dream to Launch” in a way that honors what they value most.

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