Here’s what SINC Coaching Certification™ graduates have to say about the program…

“I have 8 new clients in the 6 months since starting my business!”

~ Reana Mulcahy

“Within the first two weeks, I knew it was the best investment I’d ever made”

~ Audrey Faust

“The Neuro Coaching Certification has helped me find & connect better with my audiences, I’m getting more breakthroughs for my one-on-one clients, and I’m getting more referrals – more speaking engagements, more workshop engagements, more one-on-one clients.”

~ Angela W. Stillwell

Want results like THESE?

“My biggest breakthrough is that I found my niche, and I got my business going!”

~ Lynlee Linke

“It’s all true, and it all works – I grew my business from 0 to 101,000 in 4 ½ weeks!”

~ Barbara Harrington

“The certification has helped me grow and be a stronger, more powerful business owner”

~ Beryl Hedger

“The Neuro Coaching certification has upleveled me twice. I have experienced what happens to our brains when we uplevel…and it’s helped me deliver high-level transformational work for every single one of my clients.”

~ Julia Black

Want results like THESE?

“I’m only two months in, but in those two months I’ve become a health coach and started an LLC”

~ Emily Schlimm

“I found my inner voice. I found my inner power”

~ Erika Nikiskina

“I can step into my business now and know who I’m serving, why I’m serving them, and ultimately what the vision and mission is, which is so incredibly exciting.

~ Jessica Midkiff

Want results like THESE?

“I have gotten great clarity. I know exactly who to serve and how to serve them”

~ Maelea Galyon

“Since joining the Neurocoaching program, I have stepped into being a CEO”

~ Michele Finn

Want results like THESE?

“I’m no longer stuck or burned out chasing courses – I’ve actually started my business AND started a family as well – it is possible to have both a family & my dreams thanks to the SINC coaching certification”

~ Alex Lianne Carter

“It’s brain-based and science-backed”

~ Caro Brookings

“It’s really caused me to level-up in so many ways, especially in my relationships”

~ Criss Reep

I now have the confidence to do LIVE coaching in front of thousands without knowing the issue the person will bring to me AND do sales calls with strangers.”

~ Laurie Wright

Want results like THESE?

“My business is more successful, and I have more time & energy to spend with my family!”

~ Jacquelyn Rodriguez

“I’m so thrilled that with the Neuro Coaching Certification – I’m now equipped to help many women who have struggled with feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, lack of confidence… things that I also struggled with.”

~ Miki Sturges

Want results like THESE?

“I learned how to deeply serve my coaching clients and get them results… no matter the season of life!”

~ Tracy Hill

“I have been able to stop the hours of research prior to each call because I have the tools and knowledge to coach my clients effectively.”

~ Kelly West

Want results like THESE?

“Dr. Shannon took us through the Neuro Coaching Model transformation ourselves, which was phenomenal because we needed to experience it firsthand. And for me, that transformation was really understanding from
a deep level… that I am enough.”

~ Alicia Michelle

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