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It’s Time to Embrace Your Calling!

Become a certified coach with the SINC Coach Certification and go from unfulfilled and stuck to world-changer and legacy-maker…

If you KNOW that you’re called to make a difference as a coach… but you don’t know HOW to turn that into a successful career, this is for you!

Most people spend their lives in unfulfilling jobs… beholden to a CEO, groveling for promotions, and daydreaming about a day where they can make an impact and create a new legacy for their family.

But not you! You KNOW you’re called to impact lives immediately, create a no-limits income, and create real generational shifts!

Whether you’re brand new to the coaching industry… or you’ve been coaching but you struggle to know how to sell and be seen as a Coaching Expert… this is exactly what you need.

God literally created our brains to allow us to live a life more abundant than we could ever imagine! You can make this a reality for yourself AND for the people you’re meant to help…

When you join this billion dollar industry (and growing!) and become a COACH!

This coaching certification is designed to give you the most Efficient and Effective path to starting and scaling your coaching career. With our cutting-edge curriculum, expert guidance, and powerful SINC Neuro Coach Model, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to know exactly HOW to coach the right way & make an immediate impact on people’s lives… Creating a legacy that will resonate for generations to come!

The Most Important Thing to Know about Coaching is this – there is a right way and a wrong way to get lasting transformation for your clients.

Most coaches make the mistake of thinking they can just interrupt a pattern or use language to motivate their clients...

…but unless you change their hardwired brain-based beliefs and patterns of thinking, your results for them will stay inconsistent.

If you’ve already been coaching and not getting consistent results... it’s not your fault!

You didn’t know there was a right way to coach.

And if you’re NEW to coaching, you’ll have an industry advantage when you START OUT as a SINC Certified Coach & know the RIGHT way to Coach your clients to RESULTS!

All of our successful coaches use this step-by-step, proven, science-backed coaching method that creates brain-based, permanent transformation for their clients.

That transformation then creates raving fans that SELL YOUR COACHING FOR YOU!​

The fact is, you cannot out-hustle or out-coach the subconscious - it NEEDS to be rewired.

All the sales tactics that the marketing gurus have taught you to grow your business are actually hurting your sales.

7 and 8-Figure Coaches sell differently….. and if you do not know how to sell this very specific way as a coach – you will struggle to create a livable income with your new career.

But that’s not your destiny either!

That’s why we combine the SINC Neuro Coaching Model WITH the right business-building system so you can find success FAST.

For your clients to say YES to coaching, you need a DIFFERENT approach than what’s used for a strategy, tactic, ebay product, or a “digital CEO” product.

You can use old broken coaching and selling models that get inconsistent results and your income will be inconsistent as well and working real hard with little to show for it...

...OR you can start to fast track your coaching Business and crack the 6 Figure code by getting your SINC Coaching Certification

The SINC Neuro Coach Model is what allows you to get amazing results for your clients each and every time – by creating 100% brain-based transformations.

The brain is the most powerful, most important tool a person has, so it only makes sense that true change occurs only through the brain.

God designed it so that if we keep renewing our brains, the abundant life will be attracted to us! And that’s exactly what can and WILL happen for with the SINC Neuro Coaching Certification.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can sell out your coaching programs. Your only problem will be how high to raise your prices and what you sell next for your raving fans! 

Your clients will SELL your coaching FOR YOU because they can’t stop telling others about the powerful and life changing difference your coaching made for them. 

This comprehensive certification is EXACTLY what you need to accelerate your journey to success!

You will leave the certification…

Imagine what it feels like to have a fully sold-out coaching program...

…that makes a massive impact in your clients’ lives (and a waiting list of future clients) because you know how to coach and sell the right way.

FINALLY You’ll have the time & freedom to not miss being there for your kids’ events (never again sacrificing what matters most), be able to work from wherever you want (hello beach🌴) AND finally show those watching what is possible when you follow your dreams! 

All while changing people’s lives with your coaching!

That is why you wanted to be a coach, right?

To make an impact in people’s lives AND to have freedom in yours?

To live out your God-given purpose and create generational shifts in your family?

It is pretty straightforward to get results when you are using this brain based coaching model.

If you’re the type of person who really wants to create true client results – then the proven SINC Coaching Certification is what has been missing.

So, if you agree that getting consistent brain-based results is what you need in order to build a successful coaching business, then let’s get you started TODAY!

Here's what our Certified Neuro Coaches have to say...

Here's what our Certified Neuro Coaches have to say...
I have 8 new clients in the 6 months since starting my business!”
~ Reana Mulcahy

Within the first two weeks, I knew it was the best investment I’d ever made

~ Audrey Faust

It’s all true, and it all works – I grew my business from 0 to 101,000 in 4 ½ weeks!

~ Barbara Harrington

My biggest breakthrough is that I found my niche, and I got my business going!

~ Lynlee Linke

Here's everything you get:


$36,000 Value YOURS INCLUDED

Become a certified coach with the SINC Coach Certification and go from unfulfilled and stuck to world-changer and legacy-maker!

Scale with Sprints Live 3-Day Event

$23,049 Value YOURS INCLUDED

Learn how to launch like a COACH (and not like a marketer) with the exact system my coaches use to successfully grow their businesses!

Access to the 67-Day Year Program


Get the exact same system my clients learned to accomplish a year’s worth of goals in 67 days

Coach Launch Formula


Get your coaching biz launched (and pay for your certification) in the first month!

Dedicated Master Neuro Coach

$15,000 Value YOURS INCLUDED

Get your very own dedicated High Level Instructor to sharpen your skills throughout the program

Access to the Entire Coaches' 6-Figure Entrepreneur Track

$35,000 Value YOURS INCLUDED

Get ready to Fast-Forward for your Coaching Business! This is your A-Z Coaching Business in a BOX to go from $0-$6 Figures.

Weekly Application & Practice Calls


1:1 Mastery Calls


Practice calls & exam to gain confidence

LIFETIME Program All-Access Pass

$55,000 Value YOURS INCLUDED

ALL Models, Worksheets, Manuals, and Exercises you can plug and play in your business

High-Level Community


A high level community of Profitable Coaches to give you a support system like NO OTHER

Voxer Channel Access


Get in-the-moment coaching & support to reach your weekly breakthroughs

Coaches' Training Vault

$10,000 Value YOURS INCLUDED

Access live & recorded trainings on all thing marketing, sales, and client acquisitions that are working NOW in this market

Pay in full and receive these

Special PAY IN FULL Bonuses!

1:1 Strategy call With Dr Shannon

($5,000 value)

911 'Emergency SOS' Calls

($5,000 value)

4 x 1:1 Triage / 911 calls that can be used when you need it most

Email to Dr Shannon’s email list sharing you and your business after graduation!!

Priceless exposure!

That's a $203,204 value!

and you can get started for just a $500 deposit today.

$1667 per month -or- pay in full and save $2000

The Neuro Coaching Certification takes you from Learning the Neuro Coaching Model, to Mastery, to Monetization.

What are the next steps?

The SINC Neuro Coaching Certification is unrivaled in the industry and is THE certification you need to create lasting change for your clients.

Here's what our Certified Neuro Coaches have to say...

More incredible results from our Certified Neuro Coaches
The certification has helped me grow and be a stronger, more powerful business owner”
~ Beryl Hedger

“I found my inner voice. I found my inner power”

~ Erika Nikiskina

“I have gotten great clarity. I know exactly who to serve and how to serve them”

~ Maelea Galyon

“I’m only two months in, but in those two months I’ve become a health coach and started an LLC”

~ Emily Schlimm

“I’m no longer stuck or burned out chasing courses – I’ve actually started my business AND started a family as well – it is possible to have both a family & my dreams thanks to the SINC coaching certification”

~ Alex Lianne Carter

“Since joining the Neurocoaching program, I have stepped into being the CEO”

~ Michele Finn

“It’s brain-based and science-backed”

~ Caro Brookings

Too many people listen to that small voice in their head, saying:

“Who do you think you are? You can’t help other people!”

That’s the voice of Fear and Doubt. And if we repeat those doubts over and over again, fear wins.

But that’s not your destiny!

Together, we can create a world where everyone lives up to their true potential and makes a lasting impact.

Become a SINC Certified Coach and say goodbye to FEAR and hello to WORLDWIDE IMPACT and a PURPOSE-FILLED life!

Disclaimer: Like any coaching or business development program, we in no way can guarantee your outcome financially

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