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Unlock Your Limitless Potential with Dr. Shannon Irvine, as featured by…

There IS a reason that year after year you fall short on your goals and business growth… and that reason is in the last place you’ll look.

If you know deep down that you’re meant for SO MUCH more, YOU have a big dream, a big vision and you are taking action, but you’re not sure what is the RIGHT NEXT STEP you need to be working on to grow your business…

If you feel like you could be successful if you could just find out what you’re missing to make it all work (and you already feel overwhelmed some of the time) …

If you’ve got a burning desire to make legacy-level impact and income but the results are NOT where you want them to be yet…

I know You are passionate and driven…….

You have a big dream, a big vision for your life AND your business.

You think about it all the time and you take action too.

You are working SO hard because you want to create income and impact that will not only help others, 

but will create an amazing life for you and those you care most about!

But your goals just don’t seem to be coming to life the way you imagined they would by now.

Sometimes at night – when you put your head on the pillow and pray – you feel tired, overwhelmed, and like you’re on a road that leads in circles…

You’ll start with energy…

Make some progress…

Hit a roadblock…

Work even harder…

Until the frustration & overwhelm really set in, and you’re left feeling burnt out and wondering why you’re falling short.

You’re caught sacrificing both time and energy from what matters most – family – time with your kids – friendships and even YOU in the process.

BUT you KNOW, especially when you look into the eyes of those you love, that you were MADE for SO MUCH MORE.

You’ve taken all the courses, you’ve worked with coaches, you’re doing all the steps, right?

So why do your goals always feel JUST out of reach?

When you work harder and longer, test a new launch strategy, create the best vision board, hire a new manifestation coach, it’s like putting your foot on the gas pedal of your business.

While these activities can move you forward, if you haven’t experienced the level of success you want yet, you likely have one foot on the ‘brake pedal’ and one foot on the ‘gas pedal,’ at the same time.

And you don’t even know it.

In order to accelerate your mind & business to limitless success, you need to take your foot off the brake, while automating ONLY your ‘gas pedal’ actions, thoughts, and behavior.

When you automate powerful thoughts and behaviors, you’re driving straight toward your goals automatically without even thinking about it.

And you feel completely in control, fully confident, and aligned with your vision.

IF you don’t automate your thoughts, you’ll be SECOND-GUESSING whether you’re cut out for entrepreneurship as you see other people get ahead so much faster…

Feeling FRUSTRATED because if you have to work even harder to grow your business, you have no idea how you’d do that (you’re running on empty as it is )…

Possibly even wondering what would happen if you DID see the success you crave, because you’re scared you might not be able to handle it or hold onto it!

If you’re nodding your head and you know in your gut that at least two of the things I shared above resonate with you, keep reading, because this page may be the most important thing you read this entire year.

You can keep searching for new business strategies and training to grow – but how will any of that help if your brain is still wired for struggle & failure?

And if you’re feeling like you just need the right next step, to access the potential you have inside, to create the impact you know you were put on this earth to do but you are also frustrated, burned-out, or endlessly overwhelmed -, you need to know that it’s NOT your fault! And I’m going to share with you right now the exact things you need to know to finally access the success you know you were meant for and move past the place you’ve been stuck in far too long!

You’ll soon know how to move OUT of frustration, hustle, hard work and burnout INTO a place where you can:

  • Take control of your schedule and stop working overtime! (It’s not necessary for the success you desire when you know what I’m about to share.)
  • Get into the Top 1% Mindset and become more productive than you ever imagined you could be, able to juggle everything in your life with ease and confidence.
  • Stay focused on your most important goals and quit falling victim to “shiny object syndrome.” 
  • Watch the items on your vision board appear in your real life (hello, new summer house and goodbye debt!)
  • Create consistent and reliable revenue in your business, enough to finally quit your day job (you are DONE with the “feast or famine” cycle that’s held you back for years)
  • Get support for your business and your life! Imagine having a dream team who tackles the tasks you don’t love so you can stay in your zone of genius and make the impact you know you’re destined for — this is your new reality. 
  • Hit every goal you set, no matter how audacious, by breaking your goals down into a manageable action plan, creating crazy momentum, and increasing your performance.

How do I know these major business & life upgrades are possible for you? Because they’ve happened for me and tens of thousands of my students! And I’m going to share all the details right here, right now!

Hi! I’m Dr. Shannon Irvine, and I’m living proof that you CAN’T hustle your way to success (believe me, I’ve tried).

As a serial entrepreneur, mom to two incredible teens, neuropsychologist, former-restaurateur, nonprofit founder, avid Cowboys fan, and former professional athlete…

I’ve always been a hard worker and maybe even a bit intense at times, but assuming hard work was the key to making it cost me—big time. 

I spent more time in my business than with my family. And I felt like a ‘hot mess’ at the time. From the outside looking in, people saw me as quote-unquote successful because I outperformed almost everyone, but…

The reality: I was exhausted — I couldn’t sleep at night, and I had worked so hard and so many hours I ended up in the hospital with adrenal failure.

I felt like there was ALWAYS more to do, but there was no evidence that the endless hard work was actually helping my business grow past a certain point.

In fact, I was SO frustrated because there was no more of me left to give.

And I wasn’t the only person being held back… 

I noticed entrepreneurs everywhere, especially visionaries like me with BIG dreams, starting out with high hopes of working and enjoying their life – all while changing the world and making a huge impact on those they’re called to serve. However, they all hit the same ceiling, and all the hours they were putting in were costing them their personal lives. Maybe you can relate?

Something had to change.

After feeling so frustrated with “the way things are,” I knew the answer I was seeking was out there. I just needed to find it…

So I hired mentors, dove into research, went back to school (yep, that’s how desperate I was for answers!), and earned a PhD in neuropsychology.

After three years of asking hard questions, pushing harder and harder for answers, putting the puzzle pieces together, and geeking out on the brain, my studies confirmed my suspicions:

How we think can make us or break us.

As ambitious entrepreneurs, we tricked ourselves into believing an old, outdated, broken model of success (i.e. that hustle was the answer) — even when working longer hours and making more sacrifices just left us exhausted and empty-handed.

So, in 2008, I started applying the brain science of success to my coaching business and my clients’ businesses. The NeuroAchievement™ framework I’d developed worked, time and time again.

My clients and I all started working fewer hours and experienced massive growth.

Business became fun and light again, and it was a joy to see the impact each of us were creating. We rekindled relationships, spent more time with kids, and all became more of who we truly were.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I thought so, too, until I experienced the transformation for myself: 

  • I was able to work only 4 hours a day and spend the rest of the time with my family.
  • My business results tripled within 3 months while I was working LESS.
  • I finally took vacations that I always was TOO busy to do before which allowed me time with my family and time to just relax and enjoy FINALLY! 

So after creating the impact and results that I was after and replicating that success with my clients, I created the Success Accelerator Method™ or what I also call the Neuro Coaching Model. 

And now, YOU can get access to these powerful tools, too, along with many other transformative and brain-based strategies, inside a program that can change your life for GOOD!

With my proven Success Accelerator Method™ and Neuro Coaching Model…

You’ll gain access to the critical ingredient you need to hit 7-figures and beyond WITHOUT running yourself into the ground…

AND put successful thinking on autopilot to create the level of success you desire, the impact you were called to have & the life you’ve always imagined.

Your creativity, drive & passion are beautiful gifts, and you’re here to share them with the world in a powerful way.

All of your brain’s automatic, limiting beliefs & thinking are holding you back, but the great news is that they can be automated for success — without mindset strategies or mind tricks that only work temporarily.

When your Brain Success System is automated, you’ll be able to identify what’s holding you back, create a wildly successful business on autopilot, spend more time with your loved ones, and experience exponential results and profit.

So what is that Formula that ACCELERATES YOU TO LIMITLESS SUCCESS you ask?

That FORMULA to your INTERNAL SUCCESS SYSTEM is turning on the brain’s automated subconscious and ‘flipping the switch’ through a tested, step-by-step system that will turn your limiting beliefs into empowering truths.

Automated subconscious beliefs can literally make or break your ability to grow and scale your business, and…

It can also help you create a healthier life, deepen your relationships, impact your ability to make, keep, and grow money, and create massive amounts of fun (yes, fun!) and freedom with your time.

Let’s geek out on the brain for a sec, shall we?

We’re ALL wired the same. Our brains are naturally designed to keep us safe from danger, which means our subconscious is aligned with the things that we already know and do because these things feel safe and familiar.

Our brains are also designed to avoid pain and move towards pleasure.

For example: When you were a teenager and you just got your brand-new driving permit, your brain might have had a shaky reaction to driving the first few times. You probably avoided busy roads, tight turns and parallel parking at all costs. It all felt UNSAFE and UNFAMILIAR to your brain at the time (even if you’re basically a Formula 1 driver today).

Your brain has a built-in protection mechanism that is actually fighting you because it’s trying to keep you ‘safe.’

This current wiring keeps you in your comfort zone by making you feel overwhelmed and doubtful in your abilities. Because — let’s face it — every single thing you do as an entrepreneur goes against this protection mechanism. And you end up exhausting yourself trying to overcome it.

You need to align your brain so it doesn’t sabotage your vision and goals.

Automation allows us to rewrite what our brain thinks is safe. We don’t want to fight the brain. When we can rewire what it considers as ‘safe,’ it will fight FOR US instead of AGAINST US. And this is when we go from the struggling business owner to the Limitless Entrepreneur.

The GREAT news is once you know how to tap into your brain’s success system, you’ll have the secret password to FLIP your success switch from off to on… and you’ll finally have complete control in your business and life.

And that’s what the Epic Success Accelerator and step-by-step system will show you. Cool?


It’s TIME to Accelerate YOUR Epic Success

Get out of your head, block out the noise, and kick your doubt to the floor!

Epic Success Accelerator is an online Results Coaching program, step-by-step system, and community, designed to show you how to rewire your brain and remove limiting beliefs to automate your success and live into your calling and maximize your potential (…like the entrepreneurs below).

“Because of Epic Success I was able to hit multiple 6 figures on each of my launches.”

~ Joy Foster

Tech Pixies

This has been Secret Sauce to Build 2 Product Based Businesses in less than 1 year!

Dr. Shannon is not fluff. She is results. And she is backed by science. In one conversation with her, she was able to tell me why my brain was working so hard to keep me from the thing that I was working so hard towards. 

Dr. Shannon was able to give me what I consider to be my secret sauce: the thing that has allowed me to build two product-based businesses in less than a year.

~ Erin Mullins

This added more than 6-figures of additional revenue to my business!

After having a lull in my business, I’d lost my excitement…

But within 30 days of working with the Success Accelerator method —I was so fired up and was invited to speak on 3 major stages, including one with over 1000 people in the room! This added more than 6-figures of additional revenue to my business!”

~ Christina Jandali

The Epic Success Accelerator program will show you how to finally be the boss of your brain…

So you can think like, act like, and become The Limitless Entrepreneur this year—INSTEAD of waiting another year to achieve your big vision.

You’ll find out how to leverage the #1 tactical advantage of the top 1% of entrepreneurs—AKA their way of thinking—so you can finally achieve the epic success you’ve been envisioning for yourself and your business.

You’ll learn how to see infinite possibilities every day so you can scale your business and accomplish any goal, anytime, taking you from overwhelmed and frustrated to confident and in control, allowing you to ramp up your revenue.

Through Epic Success Accelerator, you will:

  • Make massive progress in your business and life by identifying what’s currently holding you back and automating Success in your mind so Accomplishing Goals becomes easy
  • Know what is truly possible for you and your family because you now living up to your FULL Maximized POTENTIAL
  • Create continued, repeatable success so you can stop hitting walls once and for all, finally thinking and acting like a 6- and even 7-figure entrepreneur—so you become one.
  • Hit every goal you set, no matter how audacious, by breaking your goals down into a manageable action plan, creating crazy momentum, and increasing your performance.
  • Become a productivity master by adopting the mindset and strategies of an epically successful entrepreneur—we call it the Top 1% Factor. 
  • Leverage science-based brain priming techniques to help you remove limiting beliefs and overcome the overwhelm and burnout.
  • Experience positive self-talk as your new normal and feel confident in your offers, pricing, messaging, and daily decisions (no more doubting your every move!)
  • Kick overwhelm to the curb for good by creating a bulletproof productivity plan that allows you to work on your business instead of in your business (even when you’ve got a setback and take 2 steps forward and 10 steps back)
  • Automate, outsource, and scale without sacrificing your personal time and energy by applying your Top 1% Mindset to everything you do within your business (it works in your personal life, too).
  • Launch new offers that need less of your time so you no longer rely on one stream of income and can stop working every hour of the day.

I love the way Dr Shannon uses the power of the brain and how it’s wired to help entrepreneurs remove what holds them back. She rocks!

James Wedmore
Marketing expert and founder of Business by Design

Shannon really helps us Automate successful thinking -she has got some really incredible tricks up her sleeve!

Pat Flynn
Best-selling author, host of Smart Passive Income Podcast

Graduates of the Epic Success Accelerator have shown themselves what’s possible, achieving their first $200K year

(and even breaking through to 7 figures in their businesses while reclaiming their freedom).

“I brought my 7-figure business to 8-figures.”

~ Carl Allen

Deal Maker // Investor // CEO of How to Buy and Flip Small Businesses

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

My business goals have jumped from 5 to 6 figures!

I was stuck, frustrated, and self-sabotaging and wasn’t getting the results I expected or was hoping for. I had invested in all the marketing strategy courses, but I had never invested in myself. 

I didn’t think I was the problem. That all changed with Epic Success. Now, I show up consistently. I’ve shared difficult personal stories. I’m not afraid to sell and I now know (and believe completely) that I have something people need. Best of all, I’m happier and enjoy more honest relationships.”

~ Amy Coats

Now I know that the only thing between me and that vision of impacting 10 million families by 2025 is my thinking

When I first joined Epic Success I was on the typical entrepreneurial roller coaster ride struggling to get a reliable monthly revenue of five figures. There was this glass ceiling on my revenue or so it seemed. I flipped between feeling invincible and then very emotionally vulnerable.

Now with a secure six figure business, I am priming in the thinking of an 8 figure entrepreneur because I know that the only thing between me and that vision of impacting 10 million families by 2025 is my thinking. ”

~ Julia Black

What is the Epic Success Accelerator?

Epic Success Accelerator is a step-by-step system that guides you through reprogramming your mind and removing limiting beliefs, using the principles of neuroscience – plus an epic coaching team and one-of-a-kind community support to get you to the finish line.

You’ll have everything you need to build the life and business you’ve always wanted (and knew you were capable of having).

Once you’re enrolled in the Epic Success Accelerator, you’ll be able to permanently rewire your brain for success in all areas, allowing you to spend more quality time with your family and loved ones INSTEAD of “fitting it in” between your marathon sessions in the office…

You’ll also finally have the time and headspace to pursue new hobbies (like playing the guitar, learning how to surf, volunteering at your favorite nonprofit, becoming a master gardener, wowing your friends & family with your newest cuisine, or whatever lights you up #youdoyou), and you can finally tackle every single goal with confidence.

Are you wondering how I can be sure I can help rewire your brain when you’ve been thinking the same way your ENTIRE life?

This system is designed to break down the big picture and create bite-sized steps that make a massive difference and transform even the most skeptical of entrepreneurs… 

This program is not for everyone. It is only for people that have goals and want to achieve them.

I’m a skeptical guy and an analyzer. I’ve got a background in Systems Engineering and an Advanced Honours degree in Psychology. I’ve been looking for someone that knows their stuff in a course like this. Lots of people say they have a program like this but few actually deliver. And I’ve looked. 

Nobody I’ve found has this unique mix. Dr. Shannon has a Masters in Business and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience… where can you find that?! And to boot, she has digital marketing chops!! You just can’t find neuroscience mixed with business the way Dr. Shannon does it anywhere. 

~ Tom Birchall

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

I’ve completely upleveled my coaching program and recently had my most profitable launch!

I’ve invested in countless online courses AND been in a few phenomenal business masterminds, but it wasn’t until I joined the Epic Success program and started to apply the tools that Dr. Shannon teaches that I felt confident enough to truly step into who I am meant to be in this world.

I credit Dr. Shannon and her life-changing programs with helping me get out of my own way so that I can now help others get out of theirs. The most precious gift she gives is that of the ripple effect, and it spreads to not only my clients but to those who I come into contact with every day!”

– Laurie Wright

I went from playing small to launching my podcast AND my course in just 90 Days!

Before Joining Epic Success, I was really just trying to get to the weekend from my 9-5 job! It helped me recognize those negative thoughts and rewire them and helped me change my thoughts to the things I actually wanted to think.

Once that happened – I was able to build an online course and membership for teachers!

Epic Success also helped me start a podcast – Teaching Little Brains! I cannot wait to see what is next!”

– Sarah Nykoruk

So what do YOU get when you enroll in the Epic Success Accelerator?

Introducing 5 Brain Training Phases to teach you how to train your brain to automate success – creating a limitless life of potential and Accelerated RESULTS to create the success you want:

We start off with “ACTIVATE” a supercharged LIVE experience – which is like pouring gas on your vision, goals and dreams – along with getting a roadmap, your personalized guide and 90-Day Success Plan.

The MOMENTUM you will gain in the first 2 weeks will be mind blowing.

Then we dive into the 4 core steps of the brain based Success Formula for Rapid Accelerated Results.

We will be Creating A Detailed TURN BY TURN Roadmap to your VISION – and away from roadblocks

You’ll CLARIFY how to wire your brain for success. You’ll discover…

  • How to identify your old, limiting thoughts and beliefs so you can set them aside permanently.
  • A repeatable strategy for accomplishing any-sized goal, including becoming a $200K entrepreneur and even shattering the 7-Figure Ceiling.
  • The methods for transforming personal and professional goals into actionable plans, not just dreams.
  • How to outsource the right pieces of your goals to make achieving them even easier.

Once you know what’s possible for your life, it’s time to create goals that set you up for success according to your new vision of what’s possible. 

Erase – We will be kicking to the curb the beliefs and thoughts that you didn’t choose – that have been literally keeping your foot on the brake (without your permission.) We remove the parking brake for good with a tool called the Mind Matrix!

In this phase, you’ll learn…

  • The core brain-based strategies for achieving success, so you can finally have the life you desire.
  • How to erase and eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back today (this is how you come out on the other side optimized and ready to flip the success switch).
  • The proven process to rewire your mindset so you can be successful in all you do.

Once you’ve erased the mindset patterns that hold you back, it’s time to put your Limitless Entrepreneur mindset on autopilot…

Automate – We are going to automate- literally create networks in your brain for success. Using a technique called Brain Priming – we are going to put your vision – your hopes- your dreams and your success on AUTOPILOT.

Within this step, you’ll discover the proven strategy to clearing your pathway for success. You’ll find out…

  • How to optimize your business & life planning framework in a way that turns your Epic, Audacious Goal into a compass – allowing you to systematically achieve your dreams in all areas of your life.
  • Automate your thoughts on an entirely new level, so you can keep rising and creating whatever you want.
  • Which steps and tasks in your business to outsource and automate, so you make progress without expending extra effort.

Now that you’ve automated your brain for success, it’s time to finally put your business into high gear…

Then we Accelerate – – We dive into creating YOUR EPIC AUDACIOUS GOALS with our brain based goal setting & productivity system that allows you to create ACCELERATED Results – on your path of creating YOUR LIMITLESS LIFE

You’ll discover how to scale your success and ensure you see long-lasting results when you…

  • Map out your future using key action items and an abundant achievement mindset.
  • Determine a time frame for your accomplishments that makes sense for you.
  • Put your upgraded mindset to work continuously refining the way you think so it can support you as you grow.
  • How to harness the power of your new mindset, the science of neurology, and the expertise of other high-level entrepreneurs to ensure your action steps succeed—not just once, but over and over.

You’ll work side by side with Master Certified Neuro Coaches and myself with live coaching calls…

… giving you step by step formula instruction guiding you to YOUR EPIC SUCCESS alongside an amazing community of high achievers supporting and cheering you on.

You will create YOUR Epic Success – ON YOUR TERMS – creating and accomplishing more in the next few weeks than you have for YEARS

You get a powerfully crafted AUTOMATIC success thinking process, leading you to success in every thought, every decision, every goal from here on out.

You’ll be tapping into the powerful system in your brain to put ALL THAT on AUTO PILOT for good, so your natural way of thinking creates successes that become easy and effortless.

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

When you join the Epic Success Accelerator, you’ll gain deep support on your journey through…

Live, Interactive (and Personalized) Mindset, Business & Results Coaching

… to fast-track your success with personalized, in-depth feedback as you work through the Epic Success Accelerator program. You’ll receive intimate live coaching using the Neuro Coaching Model & Success Accelerator Method™, where I’ll help you pinpoint what’s holding you back (it’s nearly impossible to see it on your own when you’re so close to it), identify how to move forward, and make epic progress towards your goals.

We’ll dive deeper into each step in the roadmap – Activate – Clarify – Erase – Automate and Accelerate designed to help you go further faster, followed by a ‘hot seat style’ coaching session where there is Live specific coaching aimed at getting results FAST.

You’ll receive 1:1 feedback from your coaches, learn from your peers, and grow faster than you could ever imagine.

You really don’t have to do it alone.

There’s so much more to the Epic Success Accelerator than the system itself. Not only can you take advantage of the personalized coaching support, you’ll also receive…

Cutting-Edge Tools & Videos

You’ll gain access to powerful tools, videos, and exercises within each phase of the Epic Success Accelerator to ground your learning into reality (not theory), overcome limiting beliefs, and begin taking strategic action with crystal clear direction. 

This program is designed for fast results so you can expect to make progress in 15-20 minute chunks of time (because I know you’re busy!)

Live Coaching Sessions

You’ll have access to my team of Master Neuro Coaches™ through a live coaching session, where we will answer all of your questions and coach you 1:1 ‘hot seat style.’ 

This will be an excellent opportunity to dig deeper into the program, giving you more ‘aha’ moments to get results faster. 

In-Depth Guidebook

Get templates, tutorials, and worksheets to help you expand upon the lessons taught within the program, inviting you to do the deep work that will permanently upgrade your operating system.

Super-Engaged Community Access

When you join the Epic Success Accelerator, you’ll join an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating a powerful, success-driven mindset while supporting one another.

The Epic Success Accelerator program will show you the exact steps so you can think, act, and perform at the next level – so you can step out of overwhelm and frustration and finally achieve the epic, 6- or even 7-figure success you desire.

Choose your path and start programming your Top 3% Entrepreneur Mindset for success today!

Epic Success Accelerator

Accelerator PLUS
VIP Coaching

5 powerful program phases that guide you from the SLOW crawl to the FAST LANE OF CLIENTS AND SALES through the Success Switch Method & the Neuro Coaching Model of Business & Life Transformation (Value: $8,000)

Live, personalized 1:1 hot-seat-style Business Building Results Coaching, where you get targeted, personalized help as you start, grow and even scale your clients, sales, impact and influence…. (NO more Blind Spots, SLOW lanes, or, God forbid, Dead Ends!!) (Value: $10,000)

Weekly live, interactive high-performance entrepreneur mindset coaching with me and my team of Master Certified Neuro Coaches (Value: $1,500)

1:1 live ‘hot seat style’ strategy coaching (Value: $2,000)

Detailed Personalized Roadmaps to get you from where you are to where you want to be in the next 90 DAYS (Value: $9,000)

Super-engaged community of incredible business owners that will cheer you on and partner with you to help your big goals happen (Value: $600)

3-day Master Your Momentum Workshop to clarify your vision, set unleashed goals, break through any blocks, and build momentum through the power of brain priming!

Virtual Mastermind Trainings from Industry leaders like Pat Flynn, James Wedmore, Christina Jandali, and Amy Porterfield on topics like growing your email list and passive income, creating raving fans, finding your online business niche, growing followers, sales training – and so much more! (Value: $2,000)

6-Figure Launch Playbook that gives you swipe files & templates for registration pages, promotional copy for social and emails, and sales sequence follow up to support your next big launch. (Value: $3,000+)

Activate Your Momentum Bonus Bundle  – Includes a 1:1 Success Roadmap Call with a Master Neuro Coach AND the Success Switch Kickstart BONUS module (Value: $6,000)

Fast-Track Your Goals Bonus Bundle – Get a Golden Ticket 1:1 review session and an Epic Success planner when you reach key program milestones! (Value: $3,050)

Build Your Network Bonus Bundle – Connect with other high achievers inside your tight-knit Success Inner Circle AND the super-engaged Epic Success Private Community! (Value: $2,000)

The Revenue Maximizer Resource Library – Get exclusive access to the Business Builder Bootcamp workshops, The Secret Strategies of the 1% training series, and 2 Weeks to Fresh Revenue recordings + workbooks (Value: $5,500)

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Accelerate Your Success Bundle – Unlock 90 Days of Voxer Support with a Master Neuro Coach AND an email feature to my entire mailing list! (Value: $9,500)

Weekly 1:1 high performance mindset coaching with a Master Certified Neuro Coach to fast track your Limitless Success. This is what the top 3% do to reach their goals! (Value: $10,000)

90 Days of 1:1 Voxer Coaching, with a certified Master Neuro Coach to walk you through the program and support you in implementing each powerful element into your life and business. (Value: $5,000)

Quarterly 1:1 Roadmap calls with your own personal Master Certified Neuro Coach to set your next business goals and clarify your Brain Based Vision Map (Value $2,000)

Get Accelerator Plus


Your Investment:

Join Epic Success Accelerator for

$299 / month

Enroll with Accelerator PLUS


Still have questions before enrolling?

When you enroll today, you’ll also get access to these EPIC bonuses:

Accelerate Your Success Special Bonus Bundle

Valued at $9,500+ YOURS INCLUDED!

Enroll in the Epic Success Accelerator Program with a single installment and you instantly unlock 90 Days of Voxer Support with a Master Certified Neuro Coach AND an email feature to my entire mailing list!

First, you’ll have a personal guide available on Voxer to walk you through the program and support you in implementing each powerful element into your life and business.

Then, I’ll share a link to your signature (or soon-to-be) program / service to my ENTIRE email list!

I have an amazing audience of big-hearted business owners who have massive dreams and who are looking to make big changes in the world. Getting in front of them can accelerate your business growth in ways you’ll be thrilled to experience. 

This is a bonus that I wish I had available when I started my business and I’m thrilled to offer it to you today.

Master Your Entrepreneur Mindset Workshops

$1,500 Value YOURS INCLUDED!

This bonus includes 3 powerful workshops on crucial business topics like uncovering your niche, gaining massive visibility, and upleveling your money mindset.

You’ll know who you serve, how to reach them, and exactly how to price your services so you leverage your time (work less, yet still make more)!

Business Breakthrough Virtual Mastermind Event

Priceless Value  YOURS INCLUDED!

Join industry experts James Wedmore, Pat Flynn, Allyson Byrd, Mel Abraham, Christina Jandali, Dr. Shannon Irvine and Amy Porterfield in recordings from our latest 2-day Mastermind Event!

Take advantage of this incredible backstage pass to uplevel your business, expand your influence, and Neurohack™ your way to success!

6-Figure Launch Playbook

Valued at $3,000+  YOURS INCLUDED!

In this bundle worth over $3,000, you’ll get swipe files & templates for registration pages, promotional copy for social and emails, and sales sequence follow up to support your next big launch.

You’ll get access to Christina Jandali’s complete Launch in a Weekend virtual retreat, and take a peek behind the scenes with Dr. Shannon’s Epic 6-Figure Launch Breakdown.

 Valued at $3,000  YOURS INCLUDED!

Fast-Track Your Goals Bonus Bundle

Valued at $3,050  YOURS INCLUDED!

When you reach key milestones in the Epic Success Accelerator program, you’ll unlock:

  • Your Golden Ticket (literally – we’ll mail you an actual Golden Ticket) to get a Master Neuro Coach Strategist’s eyes on the details of your next launch (or next big idea).
  • Your Epic Success Planner – designed to help you pull ALL of your epic ideas, dreams and plans onto paper so you can execute on your goals faster and easier than ever before.

Build Your Network Bonus Bundle

Valued at $4,000 YOURS INCLUDED!

As part of the Epic Success Accelerator, you’ll get the unwavering support you need with a small group of action-takers – your Success Inner Circle.

You and your small inner circle group will work with a Certified Neuro Coach to create a close-knit unit of supporters and encouragers who will keep you accountable to get you to your goals.

You’ll also get to connect with other high-achievers (meet new potential business partners, colleagues & friends) inside our super-engaged Epic Success community.

The Revenue Maximizer Resource Library

Valued at $5,500 YOURS INCLUDED!

  •  The Business Builder Bootcamp includes 3 powerful workshops on crucial business topics like uncovering your niche, gaining massive visibility, and upleveling your money mindset.
  • The Secret Strategies of the 1% – The quickest way to BECOME the Top 1%  is to THINK like the Top 1%. In this bonus, I’m spilling 3 secret strategies that will enable you to SCALE your success faster and easier than you ever thought possible.
  • 2 Weeks to Fresh Revenue Kickstarter – Get 8 powerful strategies to bring fresh revenue into your business in 14 days or less!
    You’ll get fast, easy, revenue-generating strategies from industry experts, PLUS workbooks, cheatsheets, and additional trainings to support your breakthrough.

Activate Your Momentum Bonus Bundle

$6,000 Value YOURS INCLUDED!

  • 1:1 Success Roadmap Coaching Call with a highly-vetted Master Neuro Coach Strategist! You’ll work personally with one of my highly-trained certified Master Neuro Coaches™ to create a 90-day roadmap plus a 2021 Breakthrough Business Plan that will set you up for year-round success.
  • The Success Switch Quickstart guide, designed to get you some quick and effective wins in your business to gain momentum and create your high-achievement mindset.

Create Limitless Success & Automate Your Mind for 7-Figures!

The Success Accelerator Method™ wasn’t built off theory. It was built off of a measured, scientific-backed system and proven results.

It is also based on the true brain science of success and my own real life experience that I personally went through and have mastered after coaching thousands of entrepreneurs just like you entrepreneurs of all levels, in all scenarios, in (almost) all industries. 

The Success Accelerator Method™ uses 5 unique processes to help you make a lasting transformation: Activate, Clarify, Erase, Automate and Accelerate.

All 5 steps work together — like a recipe — in order for you to erase the old programming in your mind AND build a new way of thinking that’s aligned with your vision and goals.

Because you can’t out-work or out-hustle your subconscious. You have to Automate it

When you work harder and longer, test a new launch strategy, create the best vision board, hire a new manifestation coach, it’s like putting your foot on the gas pedal of your business. These activities can move you forward, but…

If you haven’t experienced the breakthrough or epic success you want yet, you likely have one foot on the ‘brake pedal’ and one foot on the ‘gas pedal,’ at the same time. And you don’t even know it.

In order to flip your brain’s success switch on, you need to take your foot off the brake AND automate ONLY your ‘gas pedal’ actions, thoughts, and behavior.

When you automate, you create powerful thoughts and behaviors, so you’re driving straight toward your goals automatically without even thinking about it.

And you feel completely in control, fully confident, and aligned with your vision.

This type of transformation from The Overwhelmed Business Owner to The Stress-Free $200K+ Entrepreneur requires all five processes in The Success Accelerator Method™: Activate, Clarify, Erase, Automate and Accelerate. And you’ll have complete access to this step-by-step method inside the Epic Success Accelerator, because…

My mission is to give you EVERYTHING you need to create your epic transformation THIS YEAR

I went from broke to $2,000 in 3 weeks… my mind is blown over my results!”

~ Porsche Parcher

Professional Business Coach

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

It’s time to turn your business into a thriving success that creates epic impact and changes lives

If you’re ready to scale your business, create massive success, and spend your time the way you want to, then the Epic Success Accelerator is made for you.

  • Imagine finally placing your priorities first (instead of everyone else’s)… 
  • Imagine finally being able to complete all the actions on your daily to-do list…
  • Imagine finally feeling like you have a work-life balance and saying ‘no’ to opportunities that are not in alignment with your priorities…
  • Imagine finally having more energy to play with your child and focusing on the things that really matter in life…

Enroll in the Epic Success Accelerator TODAY to unlock:

  • 5 powerful program phases that guide you from the SLOW crawl to the FAST LANE OF CLIENTS AND SALES through the Success Switch Method & the Neuro Coaching Model of Business & Life Transformation (Value: $8,000)
  • Live, personalized 1:1 hot-seat-style Business Building Results Coaching, where you get targeted, personalized help as you start, grow and even scale your clients, sales, impact and influence…. (NO more Blind Spots, SLOW lanes, or, God forbid, Dead Ends!!) (Value: $10,000)
  • Weekly live, interactive high-performance entrepreneur mindset coaching with me and my team of Master Certified Neuro Coaches (Value: $1,500)
  • 1:1 live ‘hot seat style’ strategy coaching (Value: $2,000)
  • Detailed Personalized Roadmaps to get you from where you are to where you want to be in the next 90 DAYS (Value: $9,000)
  • Super-engaged community of incredible business owners that will cheer you on and partner with you to help your big goals happen (Value: $600)

PLUS over $19,000 worth of exclusive bonuses!

  • Master Your Entrepreneur Mindset Workshops (Value $1,500)
  • Business Breakthrough Virtual Mastermind (Value $2,000)
  • 6-Figure Launch Playbook (Value $3,000+)
  • Fast-Track Your Goals Bundle (Value: $1,050)
  • Build Your Network Bundle (Value: $4,000)
  • Revenue Maximizer Resource Library (Value: $2,000)
  • Activate Your Momentum Bundle (Value $6,000)

TOTAL VALUE: $50,650 Yours today for 1 payment of $2997 OR 12 Payments of $299!

What has worked for you so far won’t work moving forward.

You might be tempted to ignore the opportunity to join the Epic Success Accelerator and instead continue trying to hustle your way to success.

After all, it got you to where you are today.

But what got you where you are won’t get you where you’re going. 

You can’t keep looking to the outside for changes that need to happen on the inside.

If you continue down that path, you’ll only continue to hit walls and spin your wheels. You’ll keep falling short of your goals and struggling to figure out how to get to the next level. Frustration and overwhelm will be your day-to-day burdens.

You simply can’t create more hours in your week, stretch yourself further, or sacrifice more of your personal time for your business.

It’s time to create a truly integrated life.

A life where your life and your business work in tandem to support your dreams. One where your goals are fully accomplished, your dreams take center stage, and your relationships are your highest priority.

You know you’re at a tipping point. You’re standing on the threshold of something big. You know it’s time for an upgrade.

The question is: will you answer the call? If you don’t have a plan for change, change won’t happen. If you’re ready for an upgrade… and if you want to finally achieve your vision for your business, this is how you get there like these entrepreneurs did:

I launched my business course from nothing in just 90 days!”

Maria Traino

I’ve known my whole life that I am made for more, and my internal thoughts kept holding me back.

Shannon taught us techniques for dealing with those limiting stories and beliefs – calling them to the forefront and having the resources/tools to deal with them is HUGE!

I’ve had increases in time, energy, and money (present and future) because I’m more focused and purposeful. I’ve done and accomplished more with this program than any other program I’ve taken (and I’ve taken a lot of them!).”

-Angela W. Stillwell

I’m building something bigger than I ever thought was possible…

I have realized how much fear and guilt I was holding onto and, as a result, was holding back on who I was. I was waiting for someone else to make it first before I was safe to make my impact. 

But what I learned is that, while a community is important, I also cannot let anyone else’s attitude or behavior change who I am and what I am called to do. Epic Success Academy is setting the stage for me to build something bigger than I ever thought was possible.” 

-Tracy Hill


The Epic Success Accelerator isn’t for everyone

I’ll be straight-up with you. While anyone is capable of rewiring their brain for success, the Epic Success Accelerator Program is designed with a very specific person in mind. 

The people who have gone through the program committed fully toand trusted inthe process of upgrading their subconscious… and as a result, they see massive results (you can find more of their incredible stories throughout this page).

To be super specific, this program is PERFECT for the following people…

  • If you’re a coach, consultant, expert, or business owner who’s launching a course, membership, product, or high-ticket coaching offer, you’re perfect for this program. 
  • If you’re excited (and a li’l scared!) to grow your business and become The Stress-free $200K+ Entrepreneur this year, you’re perfect for this program.
  • If you’re ready to change your mindset from thinking like an employee (taking orders) to thinking like a succesful entrepreneur (seeing endless possibilities), you’re perfect for this program.
  • If you’re ready to go from “I have to” to “I want to” in every area of your life (and feel energized by your business, health, passions, and relationships), you’re perfect for this program.


If you’ve ever thought or voiced any of the following…

  • “I am working SO HARD but I am nowhere near where I want to be.”
  • “I know I am meant for more but just cannot see the right steps to take.”
  • “I need to get approval to know that i can do this.“
  • “Who am I to sell this at this price?”
  • “Who’s going to listen to me? I’m not an Expert yet.”
  • “Everybody is so much farther ahead than me.”
  • “I don’t know the right steps to take to create success.” 
  • “I’m not educated enough, skilled enough, or smart enough to do this.”

You’re ALSO perfect for this program. 

If you’re ready to Accelerate your thinking so you can step into the calling you know you were put on this earth to accomplish, to achieve more than you ever thought you could, to step into your true potential.

Because the key to becoming a productivity powerhouse starts by looking inward and leaning on scientifically-proven strategies that dive deep and make substantial, life-altering changes.

In short, you have to be willing to learn and implement. 

And you’ve got to be ready to STOP the hustling 24/7, stop searching for new strategies, and stop trying to visualize, manifest, and force change to happen.

If you’re NOT on board with that, the Epic Success Accelerator Program won’t work for you. You’ll be stuck working more, not less, and you’ll never turn your unique vision into a reality.

But if you’re prepared to shift your perspective for powerful results like the rest of our Epic Success members, then this program is waiting for you.

This has been a game-changer for me. I’ve always been driven, but I didn’t have a framework for setting and accomplishing goals. Now I build momentum every single day.”

~ Melissa Monte

Host of Mind Love podcast

Say yes! to feeling completely in control, fully confident, and aligned with your vision

The ONLY reason I was able to triple my business results within 3 months while working only 4 hours a day was because I rewired my brain to be like a 7-figure entrepreneur.

I leverage the process to clarify, erase and automate. That’s all it takes. And once you know it, creating anything becomes possible.

Remember, this is bigger than you. This is more than just you. And the more money you make, the more impact you can have.

Anyone who really wants success and applies themself can rewire their brain and control their biz and life.

Within the program, I show you how to tap into the power of your subconscious so that you can have a business that is thriving and a life you love!

I’m talking about creating more impact for your clients, showing your community what’s possible, and even carving out time for the most important parts of your life, because…

If you’re anything like me, finding time to surf, give back, hike, travel, practice your ninja moves (yes, this is how my family bonds together!), volunteer, pursue new passions and interests, and spend time with family and friends is what brings you the most joy.

You no longer need to sacrifice your time, relationships, health, and experiences to build the business of your dreams.

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

If you’re ready to commit to your epic business growth, here’s my promise to you:

The fastest way to have the business and life you want is by rewiring your subconscious to think, decide, and perform as the highest version of yourself.

The Epic Success Accelerator Program provides you with everything you need to flip your thinking, your business, and your life.

How can I be confident that my Neuro Coaching Model for rewiring your brain is what will take you to the next level?

I’m confident in the model because it’s worked for all THESE people (featured below) from various backgrounds. The only thing these entrepreneurs have in common is that they were ready to make a change. They said, ‘why not me?’

They did it and you can do it, too, if you commit to and do the work. And, hey, it’s work, but what could possibly be more worthwhile? 

Why not YOU?

These Epic Success graduates said, ‘why not me?’ (…and transformed their lives by enrolling in this program). So, why not you?

I thought I had to choose between being a mom and an entrepreneur…

My biggest challenge was that I didn’t think I could have a business and be a mom to a young family at the same time. I thought you had to pick: that you had to choose to be a stay-at-home mom and be stuck WAITING for years and years to finally do my dream job in business OR go to work and leave my little ones with a nanny. 

Epic Success turned my world upside right, illuminating nothing but possibilities! Now, I am proud to say I am achieving BOTH!”

 Catherine Bishop

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

“For the first time in my life, I finally feel like I have work-life balance…

I have learned to say no when opportunities come my way that are not in alignment with my priorities and this has taken so much stress off of me. I have more energy to play with my son and to focus on the things that really matter in my life.

The Epic Success program has given my increased clarity and focus and as a result, I’ve gained time back in my day to focus on what is really important to me.

-Liz Nutter

“I have an outline of how I am going to achieve my goals…

I was in a negative spiral. My business took a huge hit that literally destroyed my self-belief and confidence. I struggled constantly with impostor syndrome and FOMO. 

My experience in Epic Success is nothing but short of exciting. I am much more hopeful and I am excited to get to work now because I have a literal outline of how I am going to achieve my goals.”

-Matthew Cox

Epic Success Accelerator Program is designed to help you…

  • Make massive progress in your business and life by identifying what’s currently holding you back and keeping you spinning within your old subconscious.
  • Become a productivity master by adopting the mindset and strategies of an epically successful entrepreneur—we call it the Top 1% Mindset. 
  • Leverage brain-priming techniques to help you remove limiting beliefs and overcome procrastination.
  • Create continued, repeatable success so you can stop hitting walls once and for all, finally thinking and acting like a 6- and even 7-figure entrepreneur—so you become one.
  • Hit every goal you set, no matter how audacious, by breaking your goals down into a manageable action plan, creating crazy momentum, and increasing your performance.

No more working overtime every day (and feeling like your schedule is controlling you!), even though your growth is frustratingly slow

No more feeling pulled in every direction, distracted by the latest shiny object, and frustrated trying to wear ALL the hats in your business (including the IT hat, trying to fix every tech problem while quickly going mad!).

No more ‘feast and famine’ cycle, struggling to create a consistent income and wondering if you’ll EVER ‘make it.’

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see your own growth and breakthrough!

Seeing not only my own transformation but getting to be part of the community and involved with helping others reach their own transformation has been amazing. It’s empowering to see me taking charge of my own thoughts and also to have others encouraging me and doing the same for them as we all grow forward.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see your own growth and breakthrough! Understanding the power of taking control of your thought-processes will lead to breakthroughs in your business, yes, but also in every other area of your life.”

-Kelly R. Stoneham

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

“Epic Success Program is one of the most worthwhile programs I have taken…

I am finally letting go of what others might think or believe about me. It’s like a heavy load has been lifted off my chest. I am now moving forward to help and serve others in the areas of kitchen and home organization and healthy consistent cooking with excitement and joy!

Epic Success is one of the most worthwhile and fruitful experiences I have taken up to this point. The value that this program has brought to my life and biz has helped me with breakthroughs in the areas of life, business, and relationships with others. I am grateful for the course, the support from Dr. Shannon, and the support from our community.”

-Shannon Robison

I realized Epic Success was the missing piece…

I felt stuck and wasn’t growing. I couldn’t seem to get to the next rank in my MLM business and felt defeated with launching my coaching practice. I kept investing in programs, yet getting nowhere. I felt I was doing all the right things but wasn’t having success.

I had a light bulb moment and realized Epic Success was the missing piece. The core limiting beliefs I had were keeping me from achieving what I wanted and keeping me stuck. I knew this would make all the difference in my life and business.

I’ve earned more money with the rank advance in my MLM and I now know and feel that I will achieve the goals in my life.”

-Kristin Herr


“What else do I need to know about this program?”

I want you to feel confident about your decision to join the Epic Success Accelerator, so I’ve answered some questions you may have.

“Rewiring your entire mind seems hard. Is it really possible?”

Yes! And while your overall transformation may have a huge impact on your life and business, it isn’t difficult to achieve. Just like stacking blocks, you’ll be working on one small piece at a time. Each step is small, and it builds upon the last. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking, acting, and performing like a 7-figure success—so that you become one!

“This sounds like a value-packed program! What if I don’t have time to get through it all?”

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. I’ve designed each lesson for you—a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have the luxury of big chunks of time. Each lesson takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. And you have accountability, support, coaching, and only one thing to focus on at a time. 

As you go through the material, you’ll be working side-by-side with the Epic Success Coaching with our Certified Master Neuro Coaches™, which means you are on the fast-track to getting your time back community. AND this means there’s built-in accountability and support.

From one entrepreneur to another, I know how busy and stressed out you feel juggling business, life, family, responsibilities, etc. 

You can leverage this system alongside what you’ve already got happening in your life. When you make incremental changes, they start to stack up like a miracle. Before you know it, you’re thinking differently—without the heavy-lifting. 

You only need to focus on one thing at a time, and we will walk you through it so overwhelm will be a distant memory. 

Even better, you get ‘forever access’ to the program—so you can always revisit the materials later. As you advance, the material has new meaning (consider it your own lifetime learning library). 


The work you do in this program is permanent and fundamental to your success; this is a real rewiring. Even after the program is over, the system stays with you (unlike other courses where you do the work and then forget what you did after a while). You are changed forever.

“I want more personal attention and access to you… is this possible?”

That’s what I keep hearing from students, so I did this: when you invest in Epic Success Accelerator, you receive access to 3 months of live mindset and business coaching with my team of Certified Master Neuro Coaches™, plus mastermind support with other high-achievers.

You’ll receive direct feedback on your questions and roadblocks. The coaching is ‘hot seat style’ meaning you with your specific thoughts and your breakthroughs!

“Are there payment plans available?”

Yes, you may pay in full and get 2 months FREE or leverage a payment plan to the Epic Success Accelerator.

Click any of the pink buttons to jump to the program overview grid – both payment plan and pay in full checkout options are available there!

“What sort of results can I reasonably expect from this program?”

While each person and business is different, the process I teach is applicable to everyone. If you put in the work, you can expect to walk away with a full-on fire of determination, confidence, and belief in yourself (and your big dreams for life). 

Have other questions? Or want to talk about something specific to you and if Epic Success Program is right for you?

Tell us your specific situation or question by:

  1. Sending me a DM on Instagram or Facebook,
  2. Calling or texting us at +1 (760) 350-9266
  3. Book a call with an Epic Success alumni at

I want you to be able to be 100% certain this is right for you.

I want the right people in this program, and I want to hear your concerns. We are standing by!



Say goodbye to stressed and hello to Limitless Achievements, Income, and Possibilities with this proven, repeatable system for the $200K+ Entrepreneur type of success while working fewer hours.

Commit to your first $200k+ year as an entrepreneur!

How do you know if you should invest in the Epic Success Accelerator?

A good way to make this decision is to ask yourself the following question…

What is it worth to YOU to get control of your business and create the type of business success you’ve dreamed about for yeaaaars RIGHT NOW (…not a year from now)? 

To get more granular here, what is your income goal in the year ahead? Is it $200K, $750K, or even $1.5M?

Whatever your specific number is, imagine you could achieve that goal in 12 months. If you could do that, how would your life change?

  • Would you have more control over your schedule so you can spend more time with your family?
  • Would it get you closer to finally being debt free?
  • Would it allow you to contribute to your family and create financial freedom for your family?
  • Would it allow you to start building your summer house and start doing so many things you don’t do enough of to feed your inner happiness?
  • Would you be able to grow your team and focus on new ways to better support your clients and community?
  • Would you have the consistent income you need to finally quit your day job?
  • Would you wake up feeling energized by your work and excited by the infinite possibilities ahead of you?
  • Would you feel confident as a thought leader and seen, heard, and understood?
  • Would you like to feel a tremendous sense of relief that you trusted yourself, took the leap, and joined Epic Success (…and you finally have the business you’ve dreamed of forever)?

If you could achieve all of that (or even half of that) in the next 12 months… would it be worth it to invest a monthly payment of just $299 in your business and life today? 

If you’re shouting YES!… 

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

Why wait?

You are not broken. Your struggle is not your fault. The answer to success IS NOT outside of YOU.

You don’t need the hottest industry ‘secret’ or the cookie-cutter solutions being pushed by those who only work in theory. 

You don’t need that missing thing that is being sold to you all over Facebook. We’ve all seen those ads! 

And you don’t need a ‘list’ or following of thousands to launch your next high-ticket offer, course, membership, or product.

Your reality:

You have a unique story holding you back from the transformation you desire so deeply. 

But in order to change for good and experience true success, you need to stop reacting to those subconscious beliefs keeping you safe. 

Especially if you ever want to create a lasting legacy, own your expertise, speak with authority, take greater risks, invest in your business, grow your team, and do it all–despite any recession or pandemic.

You have access to that power within but it has been blocked without your permission. 

It’s time you take that control back. 

It’s time to be the boss of your brain.

Enrolling in this program not only achieves that—it’s easy to do. 

  1. Send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook
  2. You can also call or text us at +1 (760) 350-9266
  3. Book a call with an Epic Success alumni at

You have the power to move forward even through all the crazy obstacles. In fact, those obstacles might be just the push you need. Nothing is certain. Don’t you want your business to be? 

But the real question is…what are you going to do next?

Option #1- 

You can go back to what you have been doing before– getting the same results and staying stuck as The Overwhelmed Business Owner. 

You can stay desperate to be seen and heard in the market, and you can continue to jump from course to course and strategy to strategy HOPING you’ll catch a break and SOMETHING will finally work… and, hey, maybe one day it will but… maybe it won’t…

Or, you can choose Option #2 – 

You can step into the role of The Limitless Entrepreneur and build those brain based success pathways with the Success Accelerator Method™. You can choose to Accelerator your brain towards success – for good.

It’s your choice. But the last thing I will leave you with is this… 

If you are about to go back to the way things ‘have always been,’ ask yourself: 

Isn’t that your old way of thinking? If it is, how many times have you used the excuse you’re using right now and WHAT benefit are you getting from waiting? 

Because you are getting a benefit, but is that benefit worth missing out on months or even years of revenue you could have?

More importantly, who isn’t being impacted because of that decision? 

On the flip side, who could be impacted? What change will be created? How much revenue will you be making when you do make the decision? 

Visualize it. Think about it and when you do you’ll see just how much the world needs you… and how much it needs you NOW.

You can choose to go from The Struggling Business Owner to The Limitless Entrepreneur.

What will you decide? 

To your success,

P.S. Meet a few more of our Epic Success graduates and hear their stories below!

Now I have more time, more energy, have improved my health and Business is Growing!”

 Angela S.

Dr. Shannon is a passionate go-getter. She takes massive action and is helping others to do the same!

Amy Porterfield
Top-ranked podcaster and digital course expert

I now understand my brain’s role in my business…

Epic Success started me on a whole new trajectory. It’s that simple. It gave me a whole new lens to look at business through and transformed how I understand my brain’s role in my success. 

I have more free time with less guilt. I’m infinitely richer in the things that matter and my business is moving in a much healthier, sustainable, and liberating direction thanks to what I learned from Dr. Shannon in Epic Success.” 

Kathrine McAleese – Lacy

Closing the gap between the vision and the reality to impact the world as a 7-figure entrepreneur!”

 Julie S.

The Epic Success Academy has helped me combat the negative thoughts that used to poison my success. Breaking down goals into actionable steps is now EASY!

-Lisa Manning

Dr. Shannon had me identify my self-limiting beliefs and counteract them with empowering beliefs. I’ve become more patient with myself and have made slow & steady progress towards what I believe is God’s purpose for my life.”

– Wendy Baker

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

Everyone should learn the methods taught in the Epic Success program. The awareness of how I can rewire my brain to become a 7-figure entrepreneur has been priceless!”

~ Lauren Loper

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

Because of Epic Success, I’ve stepped into the mindset of a 7-Figure earner – and I’m seeing it manifested!”

Cathy Perez

“My time has multiplied because I’ve been focusing on the important things that move me forward…

I have hired a VA who has a team that is running all the tech stuff for my masterclass. My energy is pumped up and excitement is at an all time high. I’m excited to find my first clients and serve them well. For the first time in my business, I’m excited to actually be setting income goals. 

This program is totally different from any other program. It truly gets to the core of who you are. It changes your perspective of who you are, even when you think you are doing just fine.”

-Jean Harville

I have done so many courses and wondered if this one would make the difference…

As a visionary, I always have new ideas and see opportunities. Therefore, I had a hard time setting goals, taking action, and finishing things. I started to question if this is what I want or even if I can do this. 

In Epic Success, I’ve learned how to change my limiting beliefs into positive and motivating thoughts. I have the tools to set goals and handle other things that come my way. Now I know where I’m going and nothing is holding me back.”

-Daniel Denneboom

I no longer feel like I’m held back or need to wait in order to go after my dreams…

Before Epic Success, I thought there might be something bigger I could achieve. Now I know there is greatness for me. Before this program, deep down I didn’t think I was worthy or had done enough to achieve my goals. I thought I had to apologize for success. Now I know I AM WORTHY and I deserve success for who I am, not for what I do.

I’m taking the small steps every day to move closer to my huge goals in life. Now I am actually working on my huge dreams and goals and it feels great. Epic Success has allowed me to pursue my full potential. I no longer feel like I’m held back or need to wait in order to go after my dreams. I am worthy of greatness RIGHT NOW!”

~ Joe Sova

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

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