Epic Breakthrough

Video Contest Steps

1. Submit A Video By August 27th at 11:00 pm CST

2. Tell Your Friends To Vote!

3. See If You’ve Won An AMAZING Prize on September 5th!       


🎥 Don’t miss your chance to share your story!

I’m still buzzing over the announcement of our new video contest! 🤩

The entries that we’ve already received for the Video Contest have been amazing to watch. I love hearing from our members about the breakthroughs and uplevels that you’ve had.

As a reminder, the last day to submit your videos for the Video Contest is Sunday, August 27th @11:00pm CST

I want YOU to enter a video into the contest because there are people waiting to be inspired by your story that need the breakthroughs you’ve had, too!

This is an Epic opportunity to:

  • Tell us all about the breakthroughs you’ve had through this program
  • Reflect on all of your personal and business growth
  • Share your story and your business with an engaged audience of over 50k people (priceless!)
  • Have a chance to win some really amazing prizes! 

Speaking of prizes….

In this video contest, you have FOUR separate chances to win BIG!

🏆 Opportunity #1: Simply Submitting your Video Gets You Into A Live Mastermind Session with Dr. Shannon
That’s right! All you have to do is submit your video by the due date (August 27th) and you’ll be invited to this special mastermind that will take your business to the next level

🏆 Opportunity #2: We’ll Randomly Choose a Few Lucky Winners to Win a Cash Prize

🏆 Opportunity #3: Get A Chance to get exposure in Our E-mail Let us feature you and your business on our 50k member (and growing) email list 

🏆 Opportunity #4: Get A Chance to get exposure in our podcast One lucky winner will get a spot on Dr. Shannon’s Epic Success podcast

To enter: Submit a 2-3 minute video here about your breakthroughs by Sunday, August 27th @11:00pm CST.

How to get started

Answer a few questions here about your experience in your program. We’ll email your answers to you with easy-to-follow steps to help guide you through creating your video.

Tips before you make your video

  • Don’t be afraid to share numbers and concrete, detailed results.
  • Be sure to have good lighting – Stand with the sun facing you
  • Don’t worry about editing out mistakes – we will take care of that! Just send us your raw, unedited video and we’ll make sure the video looks and sounds polished.
  • Make sure that you have the microphone on before starting to record (made that mistake before!)
  • Tell us your wins. Every win matters — big or small. What new beliefs have you established?
  • Most of all, have fun with it! Don’t be shy. You’ve worked hard for this. Let yourself shine!

If you submitted a video another time and since have had even more breakthroughs, then I encourage you to submit a new updated video so we can hear where your business and life are now (and you’ll have a new chance to win the prizes too)

✨ And don’t forget about those prizes! ✨

Haven’t gotten started but ready to take the leap? Proud of you!

To submit your entry into the contest, simply upload your unedited video below:

Upload your video here

Much Love,

Dr. Shannon Irvine

P.S. Not sure how to start your video? Answer a few questions here about your experience. We’ll email your answers to you with easy-to-follow steps to help guide you through creating your video.