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“I brought my 7-figure business to 8-figures.”

~ Carl Allen

Deal Maker // Investor // CEO of How to Buy and Flip Small Businesses

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“I built momentum in business every single day in business and self.”

~ Melissa Monte

The Mind Love Podcast

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I went from broke to $2,000 in 3 weeks… my mind is blown over my results!”

~ Porsche Parcher

Professional Business Coach

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“I have been able to replace my self-limiting beliefs with truths.”

~ Wendy Ann Gentry

Start with Love Sundays Podcast

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“I was able to identify thoughts that were holding me back, not only in my business, but in my entire life.”

~ Andrea Frey Metzger

A Business for Women

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“Epic Success has helped me get clarity, clear the path and begin moving forward with my childhood dream.”

~ Tom Birchall

Business Coach

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“Because of Epic Success I was able to hit multiple 6 figures on each of my launches.”

~ Joy Foster

Tech Pixies

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“Through Brain Priming, I not only met my goal but blew my goal out of the water and in one month, I made $200,000 in sales.”

~ Angie Gensler

Professional Blogger

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“What I learned was that my thoughts were on autopilot and that my self sabotaging beliefs stopped me from having success. Through her 4 step process, I was able to change those thoughts and rewire my brain.”

~ Cara Quant

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“Negotiated the biggest five-figure design project in my business.”

~ Jake Krokowski

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“Because of everything I’ve learned, I’ve increased my revenue goal for my business and I’m walking in it and am confident that it will happen.”

~ Amy Coats

Tubic Notice Society

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“I went from playing small to launching my podcast AND my course in just 90 Days!”

~ Sarah Nykoruk

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“Epic Success was a personal, intimate, life changing thing that brought me massive transformation which impacted so many areas of my life.””

~ Aaron Patton

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“After ESA: 15 hours a week working on business = more time for family AND 5-10x more productive!”

~ Valerie Kolick

Life Coach

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