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Here’s what Neuro Coaching Certification graduates have to say about the program…

“I hosted my first virtual summit”

“Not only have I now started my own business, I gave birth a few months ago in this whole process, I just finished hosting my very first virtual summit, I have people reaching out to me for my coaching services and working with me because of the transformation that I got.”

~ Alex Lianne Carter

“Tripled my prices!”

“I dusted off a course I had that I wasn’t selling, I re-branded, and I launched it. And it was amazing. I got the highest quality clients and I’ve since re-launched it and TRIPLED my prices.”

~ Laurie Wright

Additional streams of residual income

“Not only am I actually monetizing what I’ve done for free for years, this is opening up the door for a solid base of income and also for some additional streams of income, of residual income. So I’m excited, because I CAN.”

~ Nelda Alexander

I finally started my business!

“The fear of being able to start my own business and the fear of being able to make enough money to support my family – it started to go away. And now, here I am 6 months later, I’ve started my business, I have over 1000 followers on Facebook, and more importantly, I’m engaged with the community, supporting women that I love, and it’s amazing.”

~ Liz Nutter

I have had increased income..and move forward

“I have had increased income, different sources of income, generosity, impact, a higher level of service to people.”

~ Carol Register

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