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See what Epic Success graduates have to say about the program:

I can directly associate over 2.5 million dollars in business growth in the first 6 months of working with Dr. Shannon and this program.

It’s massively moved the needle for me in terms of my productivity, in terms of my mindset, and in terms of the results that I’m getting in not only my business, but also my life.”

~ Carl Allen

Entrepreneur, investor, deal-maker

This has been a game-changer for me. I’ve always been driven, but I didn’t have a framework for setting and accomplishing goals. Now I build momentum every single day.

~ Melissa Monte

Host of Mind Love podcast

Dr. Shannon had me identify my self-limiting beliefs and counteract them with empowering beliefs. I’ve become more patient with myself and have made slow & steady progress towards what I believe is God’s purpose for my life.”

~ Wendy Baker

Host of Start with Love Sundays podcast

This program is not for everyone. It is only for people that have goals and want to achieve them.

I’m a skeptical guy and an analyzer. I’ve got a background in Systems Engineering and an Advanced Honours degree in Psychology. I’ve been looking for someone that knows their stuff in a course like this. Lots of people say they have a program like this but few actually deliver. And I’ve looked. 

Nobody I’ve found has this unique mix. Dr. Shannon has a Masters in Business and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience… where can you find that?! And to boot, she has digital marketing chops!! You just can’t find neuroscience mixed with business the way Dr. Shannon does it anywhere. 

~ Tom Birchall

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Seeing not only my own transformation but getting to be part of the community and involved with helping others reach their own transformation has been amazing. It’s empowering to see me taking charge of my own thoughts and also to have others encouraging me and doing the same for them as we all grow forward.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see your own growth and breakthrough! Understanding the power of taking control of your thought-processes will lead to breakthroughs in your business, yes, but also in every other area of your life.”

-Kelly R. Stoneham

“Epic Success Academy is one of the most worthwhile programs I have taken…

I am finally letting go of what others might think or believe about me. It’s like a heavy load has been lifted off my chest. I am now moving forward to help and serve others in the areas of kitchen and home organization and healthy consistent cooking with excitement and joy!

Epic Success is one of the most worthwhile and fruitful experiences I have taken up to this point. The value that this program has brought to my life and biz has helped me with breakthroughs in the areas of life, business, and relationships with others. I am grateful for the course, the support from Dr. Shannon, and the support from our community.”

-Shannon Robison

“I realized Epic Success was the missing piece…

I felt stuck and wasn’t growing. I couldn’t seem to get to the next rank in my MLM business and felt defeated with launching my coaching practice. I kept investing in programs, yet getting nowhere. I felt I was doing all the right things but wasn’t having success.

I had a light bulb moment and realized Epic Success was the missing piece. The core limiting beliefs I had were keeping me from achieving what I wanted and keeping me stuck. I knew this would make all the difference in my life and business.

I’ve earned more money with the rank advance in my MLM and I now know and feel that I will achieve the goals in my life.”

-Kristin Herr

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