If you don’t have a predictable way to enroll at least 10 new coaching clients every single month, then you MUST watch this free training before it’s gone!

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  • The Neuro-Coaching™ Model: How to give your clients consistent brain based breakthroughs every time you coach them without relying on motivational talk or tricky language patterns ever again!
  • A “Fail-proof” way to Create SOLD OUT Coaching Programs that: practically doubles your client base, requires virtually zero “selling”, and works perfectly for coaches who want to stay focused on coaching their clients instead of marketing
    all day…
  • Structuring Your Irresistible Coaching Program: This ONE thing can take you from the “average” side-hustling coach, to a full-time recognized coach with clients lined up and ready to enroll in no time at all…
  • The “Name Your Price” Secret: How to confidently charge what your coaching is worth and how to enroll your NEXT client at that price! (This works no matter what niche you’re in and even if you don’t have any clients yet!)
  • Plus: I’m also going to reveal how I used The Coach Launch Formula™ to enroll over 200 NEW group coaching clients in 1 Month during the summer of 2020 and how you can use this same launch formula!


Dr. Shannon Irvine is an entrepreneur, featured speaker, Doctor of Neuropsychology, former restaurateur and NFL cheerleader (yes, for realz), and host of The Epic Success Podcast (iTunes Top 25 Business podcast).

Dr. Shannon has helped 238,931+ coaches, creators & entrepreneurs remove limiting beliefs and train their brains to work with them instead of against them. She’s also been featured in Forbes as well as Achieve your Goals Podcast with Hal Elrod, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, EOFIRE, Mind Your Business with James Wedmore, and has spoken on over 40 stages worldwide.

When Dr. Shannon’s not geeking out on the brain and talking neuroscience, you’ll find her on the beach or hiking with her family, out to eat at some “foodie” place or dancing at her salsa class.. And possibly blasting her favorite pump-up song, 🎶 On The Floor 🎶 by J.Lo.

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