Glowing Praise for
Dr. Shannon

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I really valued being able to understand how to harness the power of our brain to work for us!

~ Dr. Kathrine McAleese

I’ve gone from a 7-figure to an 8-figure entrepreneur!

Dr. Shannon has massively moved the needle for me in terms of my productivity, mindset, and the results that I’m getting. Her work has helped me change my internal blueprint of what I think and believe, and that in turn has changed the outcomes for me. I’ve gone from a 7-figure to an 8-figure entrepreneur!

~ Carl Allen
Entrepreneur, investor, deal-maker

I'm building momentum every day!

Dr. Shannon has been a game-changer for me. I’ve always been driven, but I didn’t have a framework for setting and accomplishing goals. Now I build momentum every single day. Dr. Shannon Irvine really gets how the brain works and has helped me overcome what’s been holding me back since childhood.

~ Melissa Monte
Host of Mind Love podcast

I've become more patient with myself.

Dr. Shannon had me identify my self-limited beliefs and counteract them with empowering beliefs. I’ve become more patient with myself and have made slow & steady progress towards what I believe is God’s purpose for my life.

~ Wendy Baker
Host of Start with Love Sundays podcast

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Shannon has got some really incredible tricks up her sleeve!

Pat Flynn
Passive income strategist, best-selling author

I have clarity on the right steps to take for my goals!

For the first time ever in my life I finally understand how to break down something that feels huge and overwhelming and I know I can tackle it chunk by chunk.

~ Jenny Palmer

My goals are crystal clear and I know the exact steps to take

Using the system and process to map out my 90 day plan has taken a huge weight off my mind. Scheduling my most important goals daily is now so much easier and will become an automated habit!

~ Linda Shertzer

I am so productive at the right steps to get my big goal done!

I have much more time in my day! Dr Shannon breaks down through the course what we need to do into simple exercises, which are so incredibly easy to follow.

~ Sujata Din

Shannon’s unique flavor is completely in line with the evolution of podcasting. She absolutely rocks!

James Wedmore
Visual storyteller, marketer, entrepreneur

Breaking down goals to actionable steps is now EASY!

Now, I have a way to combat those negative thoughts instead of just allowing them to bounce around in my brain and poison my success.

~ Lisa Manning

Epic Success has taught me how to have a breakthrough year in my business!

I learned how to recognize those thoughts as hindrances and untruths and to, therefore, change my way of self-talk to that of encouragement and positive “atta-girls!

~ April Abraham

I’ve turned my dreams to reality with this system that Dr. Shannon teaches!

Thanks to this course, I am now fully prepared to confront procrastination and overwhelm to finally turn my dreams into reality!

~ Cathy Hamm

Dr. Shannon is a passionate go-getter. She takes massive action and is helping others to do the same!

Amy Porterfield
Top-ranked podcaster, webinar & funnel guru