On the Epic Success podcast, you know that we are always talking about mentorship, mindset and mission. Keeping that in mind, on this episode, I am so pleased to introduce you to Mark Foreman.

Mark is not only a man of faith and success, but he is an internationally known strategist, speaker, worship leader, songwriter, counselor and seminary professor. In addition to being multi-passionate (he surfs, too!), he is the author of Wholly Jesus: His Surprising Approach to Wholeness and Why It Matters Today and Never Say No: Raising Big-Picture Kids, which he co-wrote with his wife, Jan. Mark and Jan are also the proud parents to international musicians Tim and Jon Foreman from the band Switchfoot.

Mark is a true believer of a church without walls, and making an impact on the world through his experience in life, faith and love.

Today, Mark tells us the story about how he went from a religion of “I Don’t Care”, to God pointing him in the right direction, to teaching others to follow and recognize their God-given dreams and desires.


As any mentor will teach, Mark believes that success is about how we do things, not what we do. What you do not want to miss from this episode:

  • The importance of integrating faith into your business (and how to do it!).
  • How you and your business can benefit from living on the edge as a Christian.
  • And how a childhood toy can teach you about the to the connection to Heaven and your community and tribe.


Visit the links below to connect with Mark, as well as learn about his recent television project, “Nations”. “Nations” is a TV series hosted by Mark, where he explores places with complex narratives where the church is alive and active.


Thanks for listening and being dedicated to build the epic live and business you LOVE. Happy Holidays!


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