“…acknowledging what we have been through is an important first step. The ability to share and be witnessed allows us to begin our healing journey.”


These words were spoken by writer and transformation coach, Laura Jack, author of The Compassion Code. Many of us have experienced grief in our lives. Whether it be from death of a loved one, a divorce, a natural disaster, of any other life-altering event, learning how to co-exist with the feelings we have, or helping someone else, makes the process of mending truly life-enriching and meaningful.




Through Laura’s past tragedy of losing her mother, her life was forever changed when she opened her heart and mind to the possibilities of helping others heal from painful experiences. In speaking to her on this podcast episode, I was touched to learn that in her work, she walks people through the steps of:


  • Surviving and thriving after tragedy.
  • How to support loved ones in their times of loss.
  • Healing through self-care and self-love.
  • Re-discovering your light after loss by building a compassionate environment.


In today’s world, learning to be compassionate is a practically a necessity, and I know you will learn so much from listening to Laura today.


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