Who would have thought that a $300 Craigslist camera would lead to a booming 7-figure empire?

Well, marketing maven Jenna Kutcher did just that and more! Originally thinking that she landed her dream job at 22 (complete with a windowless office and high heels), she decided to ditch climbing the corporate ladder to start her own photography and education business.

To top it all off, she also runs and hosts the Goal Digger Podcast, an authentic, business-focused show that caters towards women entrepreneurs.

Her biggest passion is to invest in entrepreneurs so that they have the tools to run successful, profitable, authentic businesses so that they can get back to the art of it all!

These are “can’t miss” highlights:

  • How (and why) she ditched her 9-5 career
  • How she knew she was meant to educate
  • What it took to shift her money mindset
  • Why list-building is important (social media is just rented space, after all!)
  • And how she began the Gold Digger Podcast…from her car!


And if you couldn’t get enough of Jenna’s expertise this week on the Epic Success podcast, she will be talking all about Pinterest on our next episode.

In the meantime, kick back and join us today, and don’t forget to connect with all-things-Jenna by following the links below.

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