Welcome to Week 2 of “Lights, Camera, Branding!” With Tiffany Bymaster, otherwise known as Coach Glitter, our live video expert!

On the last episode of the Epic Success Podcast (link), Tiffany not only told us her amazing story, but let us in on a few live video secrets, such as how to spring-board your video marketing plan, what you need to begin (or don’t need!), how to approach your video content, and even busted a few myths that may be stopping you from pressing the “record” button.

On this week’s podcast episode, she is dishing out even more video marketing tips, so grab your earbuds and get ready to answer the following questions:


  • What does it mean to be “authentic” on video?
  • What is your message that you are trying to spread?
  • Who is your audience and how can you reach them?
  • Can you be multi-passionate?
  • What’s the deal with make-up, wardrobe and staging (oh my!).


Make sure you visit the links below to connect with Coach Glitter, including her upcoming course and social media accounts. Enjoy, and get ready to learn about the golden nuggets of video marketing!

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