Question: How can you use this season to flip the switch to success in your brain?

Answer: Understand how you are wired, recognize how you may be cross-wired, and how to flip the switch so you have all the energy flowing towards success, vision, service, generosity, and the things that make a difference in the world.

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I’m doing a continuation of last week where I talked about How Mental Resilience Creates Success to now this week how to flip the switch in your brain and build a success pathway that pulls you to success from the inside out

I believe God is preparing people in this time to step up to the next level of success. If you’re ready for that to be you, this episode is for you!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • What you think about you bring about.

When seasons of uncertainty happen, all the emotions and thoughts in our subconscious surface that we have been otherwise outperforming. Now is the time to advocate for the future that you want. What you consistently acknowledge repetitively, you automate in your subconscious. What you automate you create. [5:55] 

  • Show your brain exactly what you want and then hold space for that, even in the face of feeling otherwise.

That’s called brain priming. The illusion is that “when I get X, then I will be successful.” The reality is, your thoughts now create your future. Lean in and speak life & truth, especially in the space when you don’t feel like it. Your brain builds new neural networks one thought at a time. [10:20]

  • Rise up to the version of yourself that you know you’re meant to be.

Pivot into the leadership of owning that being that you know that you’re called to be. How do you do that? Just start. Start your self care. We’re all craving confidence but confidence comes through action.  [16:07]

You have a choice. Either lean into the resistance or lean into the pain. Instead of falling into the coping mechanisms you have to deal with pain, lean into your resistance and let it show you the subconscious work you have to do. 

Let your fear combined with faith become your fuel. Let your mess become your mission. Rise and pivot towards your big vision.

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