What everyone is experiencing is a massive new normal. 

By definition of entrepreneurship, we like to control things. This is why we don’t work for other people and create our own businesses and success. 

We can’t control the coronavirus.
We can’t control how other people react and behave.
We can’t control the government’s response.

This week on the Epic Success Podcast, I want to help you shift your focus from what you can’t control to what you can control that has the power to change everything in your life and business and create the success you deeply desire!

What we can do is accept the new normal.
Then we must commit to doing the work to train your brain to transform your business right now while the world has slowed down.

Ready to level up and learn how to create mental resilience? Grab your pen & paper!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “There’s no better time to learn how to manage your mind and your thoughts than right now.”

There’s no better time than now to create mental resilience. Right now, we are either creating our future success or our future failure. The thoughts that you think are going to create the feelings and actions, which is the basis of the NeuroCoaching ModelTM. The thinking that got you here is not going to get you there. [3:44]

  • “There’s a rising of a collective energy where we are reconnecting more than we have previously.”

Reconnecting with others and reconnecting with our vision. Rise up and pivot into deciding you are going to be the leader you have dabbled with but haven’t fully stepped into. Just start. That thing that you haven’t felt confident in but can’t get off your mind now, just start. What 3 steps can you take everyday towards that future vision? [8:16]

  • “If you haven’t made your vision 3D yet, this is your opportunity.

Now is the time to sit down with a piece of paper and give your vision so much texture: sight, sound, taste, smell. When you map out a vision like this, your brain can be pulled towards the vision instead of pulled toward the fear. [10:39]

Cognitive distress happens when you resist the new normal. A lot of us hold onto control so much that we don’t trust ourselves and trust that God has plans that are for us. We must release control and embrace the new normal so we can build the mental resilience that creates our success.

Let your fear combined with faith become your fuel. Let your mess become your mission. Rise and pivot towards your big vision.

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Today I want to give a shoutout to one of my Epic Success podcast listeners who left a 5-star review titled “ Thank you for this podcast! :

“As a voice and singing coach, I came to realize long ago that much of the work I needed to help my students do had to do with their mind, not just their singing voices. Finding Dr. Shannon’s podcast has been an amazing blessing to me and I’ve been eating it up for several weeks now. I love hearing the scientific backing and now having even better information to help my clients past the fears and shame that surround their singing voices! It has been a game changer for me too as I continue to grow and understand myself. I am amazed at the difference in my thoughts and vision for my business after a just few weeks of brain priming! I am excited to keep learning! Thank you for sharing your message with us!”

I absolutely love sharing the brain-based process of creating success in your life & business with you each week on the Epic Success podcast! Reviews are how I know you’re finding value and help me share Epic Success with more people!

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