Epic Success Podcast Episode #6-Habit Mastery: Harness the Power of Your Brain to Create Lasting Habits

Habits. Change. Do those words ever just make you cringe? Perhaps because more often than not, you find that the habits you don’t want in your life are controlling you and the habits you do want seem so far out of reach.

Trust me…I’ve been there.

In today’s episode, I’m taking the mystery out of habit change! We will look at how our brains are wired and how that knowledge can help you finally kick old habits to the curb and adopt those healthy habits you desperately need.

In this episode, I’ll share:

  • The one fact about your brain that changes everything
  • Why multi-tasking or focusing on more than one habit at a time doesn’t work
  • The scientific reason behind why willpower isn’t enough
  • The truth about how long it takes to change or create a new habit (and it’s not 21 days!)
  • How understanding the way our brains are wired will absolutely give you the power to finally see success in your business and life
  • Simple and practical tips to put this new knowledge to the test

This knowledge is a game changer if you put it into action! Learn how in this Episode.

Dr. Shannon

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Next week:

Interview with Arbonne International’s, Shannon Shabel Blas. She is the National Vice President, and she is able to work from home and be present for her family. She tells us how she started and rose to the top of this organization while still being present for her family and kids. We pull back the covers to see what a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization looks like and how she has become UBER successful in it!

Coming soon:

I will be interviewing the incredible Dana Malstaff of Boss- Moms! She shares how she uses a One Bucket Approach to her business and life integration and how she built a raving fan community of over 20,000.

I will also be talking with the amazing Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. His podcast reaches hundreds of thousands of people every week. He calls himself the crash test dummy of online business. He is also my personal mentor in the podcast and business building space.