Epic Success Podcast Episode #4- Dream to Launch – Mind mapping and Reverse Engineering steps I use to make my businesses launch! With Dr. Shannon Irvine

On today’s episode, we talk all about the process and systems to launch a dream, start a business or take your business to the next level! I share how I started Mosaic Vision, a non-profit that serves over 600 orphans in Uganda Africa. I walk through my mindset issues and my decision-making process. I share my mind mapping and reverse engineering process that I used to launch all of my successful businesses including Mosaic Vision. This system will give you the tools you need to make your dreams a reality! It is a collaboration of methods from some of my amazing mentors like Pat Flynn, Chalene Johnson, and Amy Porterfield. I give you literally the blueprint to take a dream from idea to fruition! You will find after using this that it becomes your go to process for all major decisions, ideas, and dreams.

Next week, I will be interviewing the amazing Molly Richards from Molly Richards Fit and Momsanity. She will be sharing the steps she took to build her business from the ground up! If you are in a multi-level marketing business or just thinking about launching your own thing – you have to listen to this one!

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