Does it seem like everyone else has a crazy-high ROI on their Facebook campaign while the same strategy yields you less-than-exceptional results? The Facebook Ad world doesn’t have to feel like a confusing make-it-or-break-it game! 

Luckily, Emily Hirsh is here to demystify the secrets behind successful campaigns and get you on the road to 7 Figures! 

Emily has grown her business, Emily Hirsh, Inc., drastically over the last 3 years into one of the top Facebook Ads agencies in North America! Her team has mastered the art of connecting to their clients’ audiences while providing excellent, personalized services to each and every client.  

Today on the Epic Success Podcast, Emily will clue you in to what works in the Facebook marketing world and what is better left behind as you level up your business! 



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:  

–      “Marketing is all about the long game” 

For each Entrepreneur out there, there is a unique big-picture strategy that works best for your business. Run pilot campaigns long enough to choose which ones should move forward. The key is to adjust as your audience grows into a more defined tribe so that you can connect to them at a deeper level. [9:08] 

–       “Set your Facebook Ad Manager up for way more success” 

It’s time to get comfortable being on video! Optimize your Facebook Ad Manager’s strategy by running Facebook Lives often. Practice makes progress and a video coach can help you level-up your on-camera skills. Your tribe wants to see the face behind your product or service and video is the best way to build that relationship.  [19:40]   

–      “You don’t want to serve everybody” 

Be open and ready to serve as you build your business from the inside out. Describe your ideal audience to your Ad Manager. Reach out to your followers and ask what they want to learn from you. Then deliver a strong message and show up consistently for your tribe. [25:27]   

Stay tuned in as Emily shares her insider tips for breaking through that 7-Figure threshold!  

Marketing is crucial in getting your message out to the world. Try out different campaigns to find out what works for your audience. Learn from experience and define your tribe. Facebook Ads are an effective tool in building your following and working in your zone of genius! 

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