Video online is becoming a powerful tool in the way we communicate online. On Social Media, video has become the best way to build a brand. For business owners, it’s a powerful way to connect with our audience and grow our influence online.

But let’s be honest, video can be scary! Vulnerability, seeing ourselves on camera, hearing the sound of our own voice – it’s hard!

If that describes you or if you are just getting started with video, then I have a treat for you today. On this episode of the Epic Success podcast, I interview Sean Cannell – a YouTube master who helps people build their influence, income and impact online with video.

Sean has grown his combined YouTube channel to over 574,213 subscribers between his 3 channels and well over 100,000 video views! That is a lot of influence. As you will learn, it lives on because YouTube is a search engine second only to Google, which is unlike any other social media platform.

Listen in to hear why it is so important to be on video and how you can overcome those fears to grow your influence online.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Sean went from video weekly content for his church’s youth group back before YouTube was even around to becoming a YouTube expert who helps others grow their business through video.
  • Sean’s best tips on how to start with video in a less vulnerable way to overcome your fears and practice being on video without ever loading anything to YouTube
  • Why you shouldn’t get hung up on the perfect camera or lighting in the beginning
  • How to get started on creating content consistently and intentionally
  • Why content on YouTube is more effective for your business in the long run over Facebook’s live video
  • How to optimize your YouTube video titles to make sure your content is being discovered
  • Sean’s own routine for preparing to record content and tips on how he crafts his content with story

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