If you are in any kind of business, but especially if you’re in online business, legally protecting yourself should be a priority. There are so many people online who are unclear on what’s right, and what’s wrong, when it comes to online business.

My guest today on the Epic Success Podcast is going to blow your mind in terms of what you need to be doing and NOT doing in your business to ensure you are in compliance, We cover things you may not have thought about but need to. When you are in business, you need to act like a business and this is an area that online entrepreneurs tend to avoid until they have to.

Today I have with me one of my favorite online legal experts, Bobby Klinck, from Your Online Genius.  After attending Harvard, working at top law firms and being a federal prosecutor, Bobby changed direction and has created a thriving community providing legal guidance for online entrepreneurs.

Tune in to hear what Bobby says are the biggest legal mistakes he sees online entrepreneurs making and what they can do to protect themselves in this digital age.

-Stop waiting for permission to completely pivot.

Even with a well-educated and prestigious background, Bobby chose to join a small, entrepreneurial firm. That career pivot all started when his life coach asked him a life-changing question. It was the first time he felt he had permission to say “no.” [13:00]

– “One of the biggest mistakes I see with online entrepreneurs is jumping into business things without thinking about the legal side and not being aware of general rules.”

Trademarking, copywriting, and contracts – these are the foundation for protecting yourself. You don’t have to be a legal expert, but you have to know the basics and be able to spot issues. A good contract can preserve the relationship (and your business). This is an area that entrepreneurs often get it wrong because we focus on the wrong things. THE thing you can control the most is getting your agreements and policies in place. Listen in to hear Bobby’s recommendations for online entrepreneurs. [15:05]

The core of Bobby’s work is to help online entrepreneurs get their legal protection in place quickly, easily, and affordably… so you can focus on building your businesses instead of worrying about the “legal stuff.” His legal templates give you step-by-step, fill in the blank legal documents along with videos explaining the importance of each clause. He gives you the legal what AND the why! Click here to get to Bobby’s legal templates as well as access to his free training academy to step into the know with ease!

For more legal tips, tune into The Online Genius Podcast and be sure to follow Bobby on Facebook and Instagram.


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