Entrepreneurs and Coaches, grab a pencil and paper to take notes and hold onto your hats because there is so much mind-blowingly great advice in this episode of the Epic Success Podcast!  


Are you ready to transform your financial future and live your most joyful life? Want to unlock your superpower and become a confident goal-crushing entrepreneur? 


Want to learn the inside scoop on what it REALLY takes to grow a nearly 8-figure coaching business? 


Today on the Epic Success Podcast, I chat with the one and only Shanda Sumpter, passionate business coach and founder of Heartcore Business. Shanda shares her heart and wisdom, so you can level up your life and grow your vision into achievable goals for your business and relationships. 


Join us to find out how to be a successful leader and be courageous in serving others while building your epic and sustainable business! 



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are: 


????  “Everybody thinks that it’s the money that solves the problems, but it’s actually the leadership” 

Success follows strong leadership. Keep developing your leadership through education and experience. Inspire your team to help them unleash their own superpowers. [8:30] 


????   “I had to learn how to stop being scared” 

Use emotional triggers to start acting on your goals. Tell yourself a new story that goes beyond what you have been taught about your worth as a person and as an entrepreneur. Your value is in your inner gift, not your revenue. [11:16] 


????   “Everything that you’re facing in front of the screen is actually what you’re facing behind closed doors” 

Align the message you tell your subconscious to the goals you set for your epic business. Your subconscious works to validate that message, so focus on your integrity and follow through on your word to bring your ambitions to life. [28:07] 


This interview really lays out step-by-step how to build your audience, so that your business can make a massive impact in the lives of the people you serve! 


The entrepreneurial path is full of ups and downs so learn from those who have already made it through the same challenges. Lead with integrity, push for that next goal, and make the Brave choices as they set the stage for your future challenges and breakthroughs!   


Connect with Shanda and Heartcore Business at heartcorebusiness.com. And join me at The Zone Event this September! 



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