You’ve heard me talk about the tremendous benefits of Organifi for your brain health and helping you be the very best entrepreneur you can possibly be and show up the best you can. I’m so excited to have Drew Canole on to talk everything, Organifi, and his new book.

Drew Canole is the founder of and Organifi, a best-selling author, and has an amazing new book out called “You Be You.” I love that Drew is committed to sharing educational, inspirational, and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing, and longevity. He’s been writing books for years and has published 10 best-selling books mostly focusing on the benefits of juicing and tackling autoimmune issues.

Tune in to hear what Drew says the secret is to his success in health, mindset, and creating a company culture that put him at #4 on Fortune’s list of top companies to work for.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

“It’s totally powerful and remarkable what the human mind can do when you believe and have faith before you see it. People say ‘I’ve gotta see it to believe it’ but it’s truly believing before you see it.”

This neuro-hack of believing before seeing is one of the practices that launched Organifi to #4 on the list of the Top places to work in the United States . Drew shares several things that makes the Organifi culture stand
out from the crowd. One is a powerful Identity Process that each employee goes through when they join the Organifi organization. Listen to hear the other aspects that make Organifi a transformational product line and company. [5:14]

“A lot of companies out there will chase gold and do things for money. We chase the Golden Rule.

We’re in this together” is Drew’s tagline. Switching to a “we” company culture instead of a “me” mindset is transformational and creates an energy that is contagious. The biggest epidemic in the world is loneliness. Creating connection is empowering. [12:31]

“I wanted to write a roadmap to remove the limitations, detoxing your life, and owning how awesome you are.”

Drew’s new book, “You be YOU,” is that roadmap to help you reframe your mind and life. Drew has achieved an exceptional level of performance and connection in life and business. Hear what he attributes his epic success to. [17:05]

As you’ve heard, Drew believes that people are at their best when challenged. He pushes others to bust through personal barriers and reach new heights in physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Click here to watch all his videos or click here to connect with him on Instagram.

Grab a copy of “You be YOU” and get your step-by-step guide to detox your life, crush your limitations, and own your awesome. Connect with Organifiand shop their incredible products.

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