I hate to say it but the coaching industry is broken.

What most coaches don’t realize is that they are working against the way the brain is wired to get results.

So many well meaning coaches have learned broken coaching methods which means they are coaching the wrong way… coaching the wrong thing! Coaching symptoms instead shifting at the source.

And it’s not their fault! There is no governing body – no regulation – in the coaching industry. Which is why just about anyone can become a “coach”.

Even though these coaches mean well and their heart is in the right place, because of these broken coaching methods – they could be causing more harm than good. Causing their clients to work harder in all the wrong ways, which stops lasting and genuine transformation.

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I talk about the broken parts of the coaching industry. 

Coaches are needed now more than ever! As a coach, we need to show up big, serve deeply, and help guide people to the best version of themselves. 

Coaching clients to ”just work harder” or “stay motivated” or “keep pushing and it will happen” just doesn’t work – their brains are wired differently than yours! To get lasting transformation, you have to provide source-based, brain-based methods with the Neuro Coaching model.

If you want to learn how to create source based coaching transformations and get breakthrough results for your client – at the source – then turn up the volume and join me!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • Telling people what they should think does more harm than good!

Your brain is wired differently than your coach’s brain. Your brain is wired differently than your client’s brain. When you tell someone to do what you did or think how you think, you’re causing them to work against the way their brain is wired. They have to know the way their own brain thinks so that they can start thinking in a way that works for their advantage. [3:03]

  • We have to do source- or brain-based coaching – not symptom-based coaching.

Real coaching – the coaching that provides lasting transformation and authentic breakthrough – is source-based. As a coach, you have to get to the root, get to the source of the unwanted actions. We know through the STEBDAR method that it’s the automated beliefs that make up 80-90% of decisions and actions. As a coach, are you getting to the source of those beliefs? Or are you coaching based on symptoms? [6:06] 

  • Transformed people transform people.

I know that you have a big heart that loves to show up and serve in a big way! I know that because that is who coaches are at their core, and that is why you are here. When you experience true transformation, you can’t help but want to share that transformation. It’s in our nature. It’s time to start transforming people at the source, with brain science! [12:15]

I know that you want to see lasting transformation in your clients. I know you want your clients to have a transformed mindset – creating their thoughts to create the life they’ve always dreamed of having. 

I also know you want sold out coaching programs!

You can be the coach that creates lifelong, source-based transformation rooted in science. And I’m here to help you do it! 

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