To all of my Entrepreneurs out there, have you ever thought: “What is the secret to that person’s successful life AND business? What is different about them?”. 


Well, I am right there with you! These exact thoughts led me down an unexpected but exciting path that changed the way I run my business and enhanced the impact that I have in the world. Today’s Epic Success Podcast episode is a very special one as Lisa Carpenter takes over and puts me in the hot seat!  


Lisa has accomplished great things with Full Frontal Living, her lifestyle and business coaching program where she supports entrepreneurs as they face and conquer their struggles head-on. She is an inspiring coach, an amazing businesswoman, and a dear friend to me, and I am honored to hand over the reins to her for today’s episode.  


Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at my own journey from striving to thriving! I share with you the frustrations that I have faced on my Entrepreneurial Path, the genesis of my non-profit Mosaic Vision, the Turning Point that revolutionized my mental game, and even the surprising job that helped prepare me for entrepreneurship. I mastered my mind to create my Epic Life and Business and I am so grateful for the daily opportunity to help you all learn how to do it too!  



The biggest takeaways from this episode are: 


“I wanted to run the show the way I wanted and really take care of people” 

My drive and ambition motivated me to open my own restaurant when I was in my 20s and finally manage it in a way where every customer had a very personalized experience. I have carried forward this attitude in every business I have developed since then, and I value giving back to my clients and students so that they benefit from everything that I have learned. [14:45]  


“It was an impact in a way that I had never been able to have before” 

I have been running a non-profit called Mosaic Vision for the last 13 years. In this time, we have been able to connect over 1000 AIDS orphans in Uganda with the means to continue their education, reclaim their childhoods and create brighter futures for themselves and their families. Although it has been a difficult path, hardwiring my brain for success has allowed me to keep showing up authentically in my business and fund Mosaic Vision, impacting the lives of hundreds of children who have no one else to look after them. [19:05] 


“What if it’s possible that I could have an amazing family AND an amazing business and non-profit and I don’t have to strive to make that happen?” 

At a pivotal point in my Entrepreneurial Path, I thought I had to give up my business so that I could be there for my family. Thankfully, I found a mentor who taught me that it was not about how to run my business, but how to run my thinking. This mental shift led me to a place where I was no longer striving and struggling, but I was finally thriving. Since then, I have helped thousands of Entrepreneurs level up their businesses and create their own realities. [32:15] 


My journey has taught me to let go of striving. There are people out there waiting for you to take your thoughts off autopilot and share your gift. It is time to get off of the hamster wheel, re-wire your thinking, and thrive in your life and business. Get ready to neural-hack your way to success and live a more balanced life while achieving your business goals!  


Connect with Lisa at @lisacarpenterinc and check out Full Frontal Living to find out how to live out your truth!     




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