What if I told you there’s a strategy that is responsible for 90% of the results of the most successful entrepreneurs … would you want to know what it was and HOW they used it?

Would you want to learn it ASAP so you could start getting results like they have 90% of the time?  I think I know what you answered!! YES!!!

80-90% of your daily actions and decisions are being created from ONE part of your brain, the subconscious, which is programmed from your past and on automation.

The good news?

It is 100% within your ability to not only remove the past faulty programming that has kept you stuck, overwhelmed, procrastinating, and on the perfectionist rollercoaster AND literally ‘train your brain’ to success.

IF you decide to NOT learn this model of brain training, you will stay on autopilot, letting your past limiting stories and beliefs govern 90% of every decision and action. YOU can’t outperform, out-hustle, or just out-affirm your subconscious, which is programmed from your past and on automation.

You don’t want to leave 80-90% of your results on the table do you? I didn’t think so!

That is exactly why I created my science-backed, brain-based, neuro-coaching model which helps you learn to remove any limiting belief AND build a pathway in your brain for the success you crave. It is the missing piece of coaching yourself and your clients to their best because it actually changes your brain to think and act like a successful entrepreneur, so that you can have the clients, income, and impact so much faster and easier.

I’m Dr Shannon Irvine and today on the Epic Success Podcast we are diving into my brain-based neuro-coaching model and how it is a vital piece for you to understand why you’re really successful at what you do and why at times you are spinning in circles.

It is your thoughts which drive your actions and decisions on a daily basis. Let me explain…

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You were never taught in school how to learn to think.”

You weren’t taught that thoughts create emotions and how thoughts and emotions combined create a belief. I don’t know about you, but what I learned in school was to ask for permission and learn how to repeat what someone else thought was important, and to compare myself to others (hello grades and why you have imposter syndrome). I want you to start owning: YOU are the creator of your thoughts. [5:52]

  • “Burn the bridge back to hope.”

You must shift from “it’s okay if it doesn’t work out” to “I believe 100% that it is possible, no matter what.” Your brain wants to keep you safe and familiar. When you’re creating something new, you must get your brain into the future-oriented place where it’s already done. Our brains don’t know the difference between what we’re currently going through or what you give it as evidence of the future. [8:55]

  • “Failure should be an actual sign that you’re on the right path versus a sign that you should stop.”

Failure is where a majority of entrepreneurs quit. They get into business, run into a wall that doesn’t look like evidence of their future vision, think they’re not cut out for it, and quit. Failure is just your “First Attempt In Learning (F.A.I.L.)”. You are going to need to learn your way to success through failure. [10:28]

It’s about stepping into training the networks in your brain that will lead you to the success you most desire. I am so excited to train coaches on how to do that through brain-based, science-backed neurocoaching methods that bring you and your clients lasting results. Check out the details for an exclusive invite below.


Are a coach (or want to be) or a business that helps others transform and you want to get more consistent results for your clients which leads to more sales and impact?

Do you want to set yourself apart in the industry and take your coaching results to the next level? ……

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I am hosting a very exclusive, invite only, NeuroCoach(™) Certification workshop in San Diego. This will be an application only process and only 25 will be invited to attend and become NeuroCoach(™) Certified.

Those who are invited to attend will learn proven brain-based, science-backed neurocoaching methods which actually hardwire results for your clients (in their brain not their emotions, which are not reliable).

This is the first time I am offering the exclusive methodology certification for an exclusive group of coaches in person. This group will also be the first to get this certification which will set you apart as an industry leader.

If this is an OMG YES I am IN….Here is what I need you to do:

  1. Email to ask for the link to the application Once that application is filled out – keep an eye on your email where a link will be sent to you to have a call with me to determine if I think you are a good fit. Send the email to [email protected]
  2. Put the $500 deposit down to hold your spot with the application while you go through the approval process (if you are not extended an invitation it will be refunded).
  3. Be ready to make the investment in your certification – This is an in- person certification event and will be offered at $5,000 due when you have been invited.
  4. When you reply and ask for the application, please also let me know the following:
    • Who do you coach?
    • What is their biggest challenge?
    • What is the transformation they are looking for?
    • Why do you coach?