What if I told you there’s a strategy that is responsible for 90% of the results of the most successful entrepreneurs … would you want to know what it was and HOW they used it?

Would you want to learn it ASAP so you could start getting results like they have 90% of the time?  I think I know what you answered!! YES!!!

80-90% of your daily actions and decisions are being created from ONE part of your brain, the subconscious, which is programmed from your past and on automation.

The good news?

It is 100% within your ability to not only remove the past faulty programming that has kept you stuck, overwhelmed, procrastinating, and on the perfectionist rollercoaster AND literally ‘train your brain’ to success.

IF you decide to NOT learn this model of brain training, you will stay on autopilot, letting your past limiting stories and beliefs govern 90% of every decision and action. YOU can’t outperform, out-hustle, or just out-affirm your subconscious, which is programmed from your past and on automation.

You don’t want to leave 80-90% of your results on the table do you? I didn’t think so!

That is exactly why I created my science-backed, brain-based, neuro-coaching model which helps you learn to remove any limiting belief AND build a pathway in your brain for the success you crave. It is the missing piece of coaching yourself and your clients to their best because it actually changes your brain to think and act like a successful entrepreneur, so that you can have the clients, income, and impact so much faster and easier.

I’m Dr Shannon Irvine and today on the Epic Success Podcast we are diving into my brain-based neuro-coaching model and how it is a vital piece for you to understand why you’re really successful at what you do and why at times you are spinning in circles.

It is your thoughts which drive your actions and decisions on a daily basis. Let me explain…

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You were never taught in school how to learn to think.”

You weren’t taught that thoughts create emotions and how thoughts and emotions combined create a belief. I don’t know about you, but what I learned in school was to ask for permission and learn how to repeat what someone else thought was important, and to compare myself to others (hello grades and why you have imposter syndrome). I want you to start owning: YOU are the creator of your thoughts. [5:52]

  • “Burn the bridge back to hope.”

You must shift from “it’s okay if it doesn’t work out” to “I believe 100% that it is possible, no matter what.” Your brain wants to keep you safe and familiar. When you’re creating something new, you must get your brain into the future-oriented place where it’s already done. Our brains don’t know the difference between what we’re currently going through or what you give it as evidence of the future. [8:55]

  • “Failure should be an actual sign that you’re on the right path versus a sign that you should stop.”

Failure is where a majority of entrepreneurs quit. They get into business, run into a wall that doesn’t look like evidence of their future vision, think they’re not cut out for it, and quit. Failure is just your “First Attempt In Learning (F.A.I.L.)”. You are going to need to learn your way to success through failure. [10:28]

It’s about stepping into training the networks in your brain that will lead you to the success you most desire. I am so excited to train coaches on how to do that through brain-based, science-backed neurocoaching methods that bring you and your clients lasting results. Check out the details for an exclusive invite below.


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This is the first time I am offering the exclusive methodology certification for an exclusive group of coaches in person. This group will also be the first to get this certification which will set you apart as an industry leader.

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Read this Episode's Transcript:

Ep.113 What Thinking Creates Success & The #1 Thought You May Have That is Keeping You Stuck with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Announcer: This is the Epic Success Podcast with your host, Dr. Shannon Irvine. Veteran entrepreneur, Doctor of Neuropsychology, and business and personal development ninja. Dr. Shannon is obsessed with giving you the systems and steps you need to slay your goals and crush productivity so that you can go for your dreams, honor God and create the EPIC life and business you love. And now, here is Dr. Shannon.

Today we're going to be talking all about the difference in the way that we think and the fact that it is your thoughts that are creating your emotions and those thoughts and emotions combine to become your beliefs. And that is what drives the actions that you take and then the results that come from it.

This brain-based model that I have created is a vital, important piece for you to understand why sometimes you're really successful at what you do and why sometimes it just seems like you're spinning your wheels and going in circles. And if we don't know each other, my name is Dr. Shannon Irvine. I help entrepreneurs learn a brain-based method to master their minds so they can master their business. I also help coaches tap in and learn that brain-based system so they can get better results with their clients and create more sales in lifetime value for their clients.

I want you to think with me as I talk to you about this shift in thinking and what one thing you might be asking when you're trying to put your products and your services out there that are actually holding you back. If you know that the way your brain works… We know this from all these imaging scans and all the research that we've had the privilege of doing through neuroscience and neuropsychology… we can tell that the thought in the prefrontal cortex precedes the emotion in the emotive part of the brain. So we know thoughts create feelings but yet it is the emotions combined with those thoughts repeated over time that become a belief. That belief is what drives your actions and your decisions on a daily moment by moment basis. And only those repeated actions created over time create the results that you're looking for.

That's what I love so much about neuroscience and the brain-based approach to success because if you thoroughly know that and fully believe that, then you can actually reverse engineer what you need to be thinking to make that happen. And it is that prefrontal cortex, that thought, that creates and invokes even the neural chemicals that create the emotions. But let me be clear, it is in our feelings combined with that thought that helps a belief become a belief. And it’s in those feelings that keep you moving and keep you going and keep you driven and keep you all those things that you need. So to try to separate feelings and emotions and say they don't matter is like taking half of your brain away and saying you can be just as smart. It doesn't work. They're meant to work together. They were given to you, and they were designed to work together to not only create something that's never been created but to provide you with the power and the push to make it happen. Makes sense, right?

Here's what we usually start with. So if we’re starting, we're putting our stuff out there, and we're starting something, usually we say something like, “I’ve got this idea. Is it possible?”

When you give your brain a question, your brain cannot help but answer that question. It goes to work answering that question. That is a great thing, if you've taken your thinking off autopilot. It is not so great if your thinking is on autopilot. I have a new program that I'm putting together for coaches teaching this brain-based model, right. So if I said to myself, “Is it possible?” my brain is going to look at the past and evidence of what I've done already to answer that question.

That's a problem if you're an entrepreneur because, generally speaking, the issues that we're solving have not been created. The things that we're doing haven't been created yet. So we're asking our brains to answer a question, “Is it possible?” based on how our brain is wired, which is 80 percent subconscious, and it's going to your past systems, your past experience and all of that to tell you, “can I or can't I?” So what do you think your brain-based evidence is going to come back to you with? It's going to come back with fear. It's going to come back with overwhelm. It's going to answer that with all the reasons it is not possible. So you don't want to do that to yourself. Knowing this, you need to step into the idea that, okay, here is this idea, here is this thing, here's this problem I'm going to solve and here's how I'm going to solve it. It is possible. But here's the next little issue that we tend to go to as entrepreneurs. Instead of moving into reverse engineering the way our brain works to get to how that can happen, we ask our minds the question, “well, how?” Now that was what we were taught in school.

We were never taught in school how to learn to think. We were never taught in school what emotions are, how to deal with those emotions, how thoughts and feelings combine to become beliefs, and if you want to believe something different you have to change the way you think and you actually have to put the thought in and repeat it enough that will create the emotion to combine to become a new belief. I don't know about you and what school you went to, but I did not learn that. What I learned to do was ask for permission and learn how to repeat what everybody else who'd gone before me did. I'm preaching today! If you expect to get a different result as an entrepreneur based on how you learn to learn, that's why you're going to feel stuck. That's why you're going to feel overwhelmed. That's why you're going to feel like procrastinating and that you're not enough and all of those things because your brain is going to past evidence to look to answer the questions that you're asking it.

So that leads me to this thing that I want you to start just really owning. I always tell my clients and my students all the time. It really boils down to one thing. You are the creator of your thoughts. So based on that brain-based model that I just talked about, if my desired result is to create a program that is going to change the lives and the whole industry of coaching other people as we know it by teaching a brain-based model, I then need to create the actions, right? I need to reverse engineer it. What actions will get me there? Then I have to move it all the way back to asking myself “what do I need to think in order for the emotions to connect with that and for that to be repeated enough to become a belief, so that my decisions and actions align with that belief and therefore give me the results?” Make sense?

One of the biggest and best things that I have heard time after time and I've taught and trained in my brain-based model - it is a linchpin for moving out into something that you haven't done before - and that is, when you're creating something new, it's really the commitment to 100 percent belief that it is beyond possible and not only possible but in the future already created. So in reality, you're just walking to something that's already created. It's already successful. It's already there. So you've got to get your mind, your brain, in that future-oriented place of it's already done because our brains don't know the difference between what we're currently going through (again, it's going to look to our past for evidence) or what you give it as evidence for the future. And that is going to make the difference for you.

So again it is that: here's what I want to create and I 100 percent believe. I want you to burn the bridge back to hope because hope kind of gives you an out, right? It says, “well, I hope this goes well, but if it doesn't I’ll…” Or, “I hope I get this connection, but…” or “I hope this webinar goes well, but…” The difference being, if you shift that thought to “I 100 percent believe and I'm 100 percent committed, no matter what to the outcome,” to that vision that you want for your future. If you leave a path, even if it's a tiny trail, back to “it's okay if it doesn't,” then your brain just entirely relies on your subconscious’ past evidence because your brain's job is not to make you an entrepreneur and successful. Your brain's job is to keep you safe and keep things familiar. Well, this is not safe and familiar compared to this. Yes? Do we agree on that?  If we want our future vision to become what our brain sees as a safe and familiar, you have to reverse engineer that thought.

This is the work that I've done with entrepreneurs: 6-, 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs for so long now. It is a process. And yes you have to stay committed and remain committed and remain in the process. Even when you fail. In fact, if you're putting out something you failure should be an actual sign that you're on the right path versus a warning that you should stop. And that's where 98 percent entrepreneurs  give up. They get into it, they hit up against a wall that looks like it's not evidence for their future vision, and they say, “it must not be for me. I must not be enough. I don't have what it takes”. And they quit. Where failure is just your First Attempt In Learning. That's what the acronym of FAIL stands for. You are going to need to learn your way to that success because your brain has never been there before. So you should expect failures. Failure should be like “Yes!” That is something you want to build in. You want to fail in your mind ahead of time so you know exactly what you're going to see as a failure, how you're going to respond to that failure, and how you can move through it to just keep going, going, going, and then keep walking toward that future vision.

This is the stuff that could really be a transformational breakthrough for you. Not only you, but for you and your clients as well. If you're not training the part of your brain that is responsible for 80 to 90 percent of your results, you're leaving 80 to 90 percent of the results on the table and you're hoping in the 10 percent. I want to teach you how to use this gift that God gave you and actually step in to reverse engineer this process and have the brain-based approach to your success so that you don’t lean on what you’re seeing around you. You are creator. You're creating new things that have never been there before. So, it's about stepping into training these neural networks, these beautiful freeways, that will bring you right to where you want to be, and it will allow you to go through failures and understand what they mean and choose how you're going to process things so that you get there so much quicker and so much faster and so much easier than you ever thought possible. But you've got to trust the process, and this is a brain-based matrix process that I teach. Have a great day. Bye!

Announcer: You have been listening to the Epic Success Podcast with Dr. Shannon Irvine. Subscribe and tune in next week to learn more on how to build your epic life and business. Only you have your God given talents, gifts, and story to give to the world. Now go out and build the epic life and business that you love.