When you want to increase your muscle mass, you work out to train your muscles, so they grow. The same concept goes for your brain. To achieve success, you need to train your brain to neutralize and remove blocks that stand in the way of success. The subconscious automation in your brain runs 90% of your day.

It is time to STOP giving the automation permission and START permitting yourself to grow the mindset you need to succeed.

To create change in your reality, your brain needs to believe it first!

So how do you remove the limiting beliefs that hold you back? Dr. Shannon unlocks the secrets of overcoming the voices telling you that you are not good enough, collapsing time, and achieving your dreams faster than you imagined. Her three brain-based mental hacks will help you uplevel your mindset so you can grow the business of your dreams.

If you want to hack your brain and learn how to create consistency, banish limiting beliefs, and create a brain-based vision, this Epic Success Podcast, lays out the three simple skills you can apply to your life to scale your business and usher in massive success.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • You must create consistency

Consistency is a crucial component in finding success. Break down your big goals into daily mirco, manageable goals. You must constantly train the networks in your mind on who you are and what you do. Inconsistency comes into play when your brain tries to keep you in your comfort zone. Allow yourself to step out of that comfort zone and push the limits.

  • How to overcome resistance.

God put you on this earth to do amazing things. Don’t let the voices in your head make you continue to play small.  Dr. Shannon explains why you can’t overcome limiting beliefs on willpower alone and how, when used correctly, resistance can become your friend.

  • How to create a brain-based vision

Look at your vision from a future standpoint. What will it take to reach your goal, and what does it look like once you reach that goal? Creating a brain-based vision rather than a wish list vision allows you to shake away the doubt and uncertainty that surround a wish list vision. A brain-based version of your plan flips the script and shows your brain what to believe, helping you speed up the time it takes to reach your goal

Have you ever set goals, gone all in for a couple of weeks, and then got overwhelmed by how to actually get from where you are now to the accomplishment of that goal?

You find yourself frustrated by the slow progress as you watch the markets and the economy rapidly shift and change. You know success loves speed … but you don’t know how to speed things up.

The 67-Day Year program not only provides you with the step-by-step training and guidance on the exact same method my students and I use to accomplish a year’s worth of goals in a quarter of the time …

… but it also primes your brain to allow success and remove the blocks, obstacles, and blind spots that hold you back.

And when you apply it all in partnership with accountability and coaching from my neuro coaches and me, breakthrough results happen.

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