Unpacking Your Money Story with Dr Shannon Irvine - Dr Shannon Irvine

If you aren’t exactly where you want to be in your business…

If you want more clients and sold out programs but it’s a struggle…

If you are driven by impact but don’t have the cash flow to make the impact you desire…

Here’s what’s blocking you: what you saw and heard when you were growing up impacts how you view money. Unpacking those money stories is the key to shifting from wanting success and actually attaining it.

This week on the Epic Success podcast I’m helping you unpack your money story so that you can start to train your brain to transform your business, shift what is programmed in your subconscious to stop blocking you from what you know you are called to do, and tap into what stories you have hardwired and replace with the abundance mindset that you want.

I want you to slay your business and have so much money because you’re impacting lives. Ready? Let’s go!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • Money is one of those things that touches on all those stories that we connected with from youth.

Start to ask yourself, what was money in my family? What phrases were commonplace to describe money? One of my stories was “you have to work really hard for money.” Having money stories are completely normal and programmed into your subconscious. Great news is, it’s completely possible to rewrite those stories and replace them with abundance! [4:11]

  • “Your money story is not your fault.

It’s a pre-programmed story from your childhood that your subconscious took and automated. Your brain is programmed to run off of the programmed stories running on autopilot. Your brain is efficient like that. We want to unpack your money story, take it out of your subconscious, so you can actually choose what kind of thought process you want around money and success. [7:52]

  • “You can’t outperform your subconscious, you have to rewire it.

How can you really grow your business without knowing what’s governing it? Autopilot is a beautiful function of your brain…as long as what’s automated is serving you. The first step to making a change is knowing where you’re at now so you can begin to prime your brain for what you want. [16:36]

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself and write down to begin unpacking your money story:

  • What was said about money when I was growing up?
  • How were people with a lot of money described? 
  • What do I make it mean about me when I don’t have money?
  • Who am I being with money and who am I being without money?
  • What does having or not having money mean about my worth?

Those questions will get you started with retraining your subconscious to have the money mindset that you want.

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