“To the frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious high achievers of the world…”

Get ready for Lisa Carpenter, transformation coach and nutrition/fitness professional. For those of you who are looking to love their lives, business and body, you have landed on the right podcast! It all starts from the inside out, and Lisa slays this episode of the Epic Success Podcast with amazing knowledge and experience in doing just that.

Going from living a life of product instead of process, Lisa found out that the more you try to control in your life – family, business, friends, success – the more likely you are to crash. Hard. And after her husband’s addiction came to light, she realized through counseling that she was also was plagued with an addiction…of perfectionism.

Over the next hour, she will give us the exact way we, too, can reprogram the brain to accept ourselves and nurture our whole being:


The Can’t Miss Take-Aways:


  • The beliefs people have around food and their health (believe it or not, it’s relevant to everyday life).
  • How an art project helped her embrace living with discomfort (and taught her how to love herself).
  • Why your fixation with unrealistic results will never get you “there” (wherever your idea of “there” is).
  • The secret of success (and what it has to do with Dunkin Donuts).


Visit the links below to connect with Lisa, view her nutrition programs and purchase a copy of her incredible book, Let’s E.A.T.!, which “outlines a complete nutritional blueprint so you can break the addictive cycle of dieting, lose those stubborn pounds (and inches) and finally make peace with food and your body.”


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