Ever feel stuck trying to grow your coaching business?

Wondering how real growth happens beyond just strategies and tactics?

The secret to growing your business first begins by ACTIVATING that success switch in your mind!

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Ginger and Leanne, our recent winners from the 67-day year contest. They didn’t just meet their goals; they CRUSHED them! You’re going to love hearing their journeys of personal and business transformation!! 💪

Ginger is a seasoned professional counselor and a neuro coach. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in trauma, recovery, and resilience. She’s also a SINC certified neuro coach who’s used our model to help her clients reshape their minds, craft new thought patterns, and champion their mental health! ☀️

Leanne is our UK-based farmer’s daughter. Using our programs, she’s revamped her brain, supercharged her farming business, and my favorite – she’s prioritized family and health, designing a life for her daughter that’s beyond what she ever imagined!! And just wait until you hear about her reversing her hair color with her brain! 🤯

Here are some of the key moments from today’s episode:

  • Learning to teach your brain that what you want is actually possible. Even with past trauma, which you may not be able to erase, you can learn to navigate and work around it. It’s not about leaving the past behind and starting a whole new life, but rather integrating it to become whole.
  • It’s transformed people that transform people. By embracing transformation personally, we can move forward with integrity, honesty, and authority. Past experiences shape us, but they don’t have to define us.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe. The 1% that makes you, YOU, is so important to growing your business and finding your ideal customers.
  • A true community helps each other grow. It’s where we lift each other up, celebrate successes, and navigate challenges together. In this space, individual wins become collective victories, and together, we not only thrive but also create lasting, impactful change.

Connect with our special guests:

I hope you’ve been inspired by the personal and professional transformations shared in this episode. It’s a great reminder of how the power of the brain can lead to profound changes in our lives, businesses, and communities around us!

Can’t wait to see the transformation you bring with your unique 1%!

Dr Shannon

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