As coaches, we’re never satisfied with surface level transformation for our clients.

We want to see deep and lasting transformation that takes them to levels higher than even they imagined.

But how do we get there? What are the steps that we, as coaches, need to take in order to take our clients there?

Well, I’m talking today about the 10 steps that every coach needs to develop in order to get our clients to that place that pushes them to their potential.

In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I’m talking about the 10 steps, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be diving deeper on how to implement them into your coaching business (or if you’re just getting started how to begin to develop these coaching secrets). This will help you amplify the results for your clients and, in turn, create raving fans that sell out your programs!

I’m super passionate about this, so let’s just dive right in!        

 The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “Your 1% is 100% unique to you.”

It’s crazy to hear, but as humans, our DNA is 99% identical. I know. But there’s a ton of research to back that up. That 1% that’s left? That’s what makes you, you. And there’s no one else out there who can match that. It’s in understanding your 1% and what it is that you have to offer that creates your voice as a coach. As I always say, your vibe attracts your tribe. [5:08]

  • “Listen to transform instead of just listening to talk.

There are so many coaches out there who are listening to their clients and, with the best intentions, tell their clients what worked for them. It sounds helpful and well intentioned but this can actually cause harm for your clients. I dive deeper into this topic on another podcast (and even deeping in the Neuro Coaching Certification) but it’s vital to understand that your story is your own and to let your clients own their story. [6:45]

  • “Combine the two things they already think they need: dreams + pain.”

On the one hand, your client has their dreams and visions and things they want to accomplish, and on the other they have the pain, which is really just the things that are holding them back from those dreams. It’s your job as a coach to always be working in that duality. Always be amplifying the vision and helping them to remove what’s stopping them and blocking them – pain.. [9:23]

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