The stories you tell yourself can either crush YOU or help you crush your goals. Today, I’m helping you shift from crushed to crushing it!

This week’s episode of Epic Success is really special because I had the honor of having Pat Flynn interview me on his podcast, Smart Passive Income, and you get to listen in! Pat is a master interviewer (with over 360 episodes and almost 78 million downloads on his podcast = tons of experience!) and he has me go more in-depth with step-by-step examples of rewriting the stories that limit us than on any other podcast episode I’ve done! (You can listen to his original episode here).

If you love tangible examples and step-by-step processes, then you will love this episode!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “Epic Success to me means building a life and business that is completely fulfilling”

People can build their businesses to 6, 7, and 8-figures and still focus on their families, health and life. My mission is to see entrepreneurs step in and really define what success looks like so when they get there, they can actually feel successful instead of getting to that place and realize there’s so much more because they left their family and important aspects of their lives behind. Pat says it best “You’ve got to slow to grow.” [6:56]

  • “You have stories and your stories drive your actions.”

If you leave those stories in your subconscious, they will drive your actions. Wouldn’t it make sense to rewrite the stories you have around time, money, success, and failure to drive your actions to what we truly want? Listen in to hear me share the exact steps I take my clients through in the Mind Matrix™ to bring those stories out of the subconscious and rewire those stories and get to the next level of success. [17:57]

  • So many of us have our thoughts, our stories, and our future on autopilot when we’ve been gifted this beautiful system of a brain that can literally automate what you want.

The thinking that got you here, will not get you there. Each morning, repeat the true stories where you’re really owning the truth of what you desire. Who do you want to be? Be the person that’s already there so you can easily move into it. [32:07]

And how fun is the role playing Pat and I did at the end?! Could you identify with the mind blocks Pat pointed out that so many entrepreneurs struggle with? It really is true – we are not hardwired to be entrepreneurs, which is why my mission is to help thousands of entrepreneurs rewrite their limiting stories and rewire their brains for success!

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