Do you recognize the repeated patterns you’ve created in your life? Those patterns are a glimpse into the automations going on in your mind. 

You can’t ignore the patterns in your personal life and expect them not to spill over into your business life. 

If you are a coach, a mentor, a service provider, or anyone working to help get others from point A to B, pattern recognition needs to be a key part of your work for your clients and yourself. 

You CAN’T outperform your subconscious. Where your PATTERNS are, so will YOU BE. 

So how can you recognize your patterns and transform them into powerhouse habits that will propel your business? 

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, we’ll talk about recognizing the patterns controlling your business results. Dr. Shannon Irvine will share her biggest mistake that ALMOST took her out and how you can avoid making the same mistake. 

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • How to recognize the repeated patterns in your life. 

Patterns are thoughts and actions you have repeated so often that your mind sees them as a belief and categorizes them into the place in your brain that facilitates automation. You don’t even have to think about doing it anymore. Isn’t it amazing that your brain creates habits and patterns to help make your life easier? I’ll walk you through how to recognize patterns in your life that are serving you and how to change those that aren’t.

  • How to initiate pattern interrupt.

Once you identify the patterns that no longer serve you, it is time to change them. While that may seem like a daunting task, IT CAN BE DONE, and I will show you how!

  • How to micro-stalk your patterns to create positive automations.

Focus on one pattern at a time and make a conscious decision to change it. 

It only takes repeating an action 67 times for it to become automated.  Be intentional in your daily actions. Set an alarm, write it in your planner – whatever you need to do to interrupt that negative pattern – and replace it with a positive new one. 

Listen to the whole episode now to learn how to recognize the patterns controlling your business results and avoid making the same mistake that ALMOST took Dr. Shannon Irvine out. 

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