How would you like to approach your goals with unwavering faith and extraordinary effort, knowing they are not only possible or probable, they are inevitable? You were made for miracles! You have more than likely read or at least heard of The Miracle Morning, a daily practice for personal development. Today we are taking that one step further to help you achieve your big goals!

I am ecstatic and honored to have Hal Elrod on the Epic Success Podcast with me! He is the the best-selling author of the platinum book, The Miracle Morning, which has sold millions of copies and changed millions of lives, one morning at a time. Now in his newest book, The Miracle Equation, Hal shares the way he has lived his life, overcome cancer, and survived a life-threatening car accident.

If you’re a driven, high-achiever like me, you love a good equation that leverages our thoughts and guarantees results. Look no further!

Key take-aways from this episode:

  • “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of your personal development because success is something you attract from the person you become.”

The Miracle Morning was born from that Jim Rohn quote along with a desperate point in Hal’s life when he was determined to create the most extraordinary personal development practice. Once you’ve got your practice for personal development, you need a process for personal achievement. [4:01]

  • “Self-doubt is like a seed that’s planted in our consciousness. When we give it our attention, we water it and it expands.”

We must maintain unwavering faith AND extraordinary effort in pursuit of a goal. Hal shares a powerful mantra to personalize and repeat to replace the fear that sneaks in with faith instead. The purpose of the goal is not to hit the goal. The goal is who you will become in the pursuit of and commitment to the goal. [15:40]

  • “A Miracle is any meaningful outcome that is beyond what you currently believe is probable for you.”

When was the last time you pursued a possible goal? We don’t! Yet miracles are tangible, measurable, and available to each of us. Tune in to hear how Hal’s Miracle Equation helps us move our belief along a spectrum from possible, to probable, to inevitable. [26:36]

Wow! Hal’s energy is unmatched and there are so many fantastic stories and nuggets of wisdom from this episode that you really must tune in! I’d love to hear what your favorite take-away is from Hal!

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Ready to dive in? No need to wait!
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