The Mind-Body Connection in Your Business Success with Jacquelyn Umof Brain Science of Success Series: Creating Success From The Inside Out - Dr Shannon Irvine

I don’t know if you knew this or not but…

We store emotion in our body. 

That stress, anxiety, overwhelm… All of that emotion comes from thoughts – and those thoughts are directly connected and interwoven with your body. 

What you think affects your body. How your body feels affects your mind. 

It’s Mind-Body Connection. 

This week is the seventh week in our podcast series: The Brain Science of Success. I’ve invited some of my colleagues and leading doctors to come talk with you over the next few weeks about how to maximize the power of your brain to work for you – and not against you! 

In this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I talk with Jacquelyn Umof  “Action Jacqulyn” about the differences between Mind-Body Connection and mind and body connection. Because there is a difference!

Jacquelyn Umof is the Mind-Body Expert. She is an entrepreneur, YouTube personality, public speaker, the creator of Get Stretchy, the Co-Founder of Get Stretchy At Work. She understands how overwhelming health and fitness can be. Jacquelyn shares that daily mindful movement can create a happier life, a more positive outlook, success in your work and relationships, and a deeper sense of self-love. She has found a way to make fitness more approachable, time-effective, and way more fun.

I am so ready for you to jump into this week’s podcast and start your journey on Mind-Body Connection!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • We tend to dissociate mind and body but really it’s Mind-Body.

Our mind and body is connected and intertwined so much that it becomes Mind-Body… Not just mind and body. We can easily get stuck on individualizing them and separating the two, but when we really understand that the two are interdependent and woven together, we are able to work it towards our advantage. Your thoughts create your reality, and what you think will show up in the way your body feels and reacts. [6:20]

  • Feeling connected to your body will help you move anxiety out.

When you are aware of your body – the things you feel, see, hear – that awareness will ground you and help you recognize the thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing. And being aware helps you to choose what you want to do and where you want to go. And once you choose the thought that serves you, you have the power to automate it. [7:18]

  • Integration helps you connect the dots… Our life shows up in patterns.

When you look at Mind-Body Connection and see how the two are interdependent, then you will realize how connected they really are and how they coexist. When you are aware of both your thoughts and your body, you open up a whole new world of awareness. [29:06]

Mind. Body. Connected.

It’s a coexisting concept. Not one or the other. The two are so intertwined and what you think shows up in your body and vice versa. 

I know this is for you! You can be the creator of your thoughts and the creator of the way your body feels. I see this in you and I’m here to help you along the way!

I would love to know your #1 takeaway from this episode – tag me @drshannonirvine on Instagram and let me know! 

And next week is a can’t miss episode too – I’ll be speaking with Alex Paulos all about how your personality affects your success!

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