The Magic on the Other Side of Discomfort with Jill Stanton - Dr Shannon Irvine

Entrepreneurship is not a path that’s free of feeling fear, and success is not a destination that’s free of discomfort.

And, that’s great news!

I imagine that every entrepreneur pursuing their dreams feels discomfort at some point.

And – do you know what’s on the other side of that discomfort?

Growth, perseverance, strength, empowerment, and so much more!

This week on the Epic Success podcast, I talk with my good friend and creator of the Millionaire Girl’s Club, Jill Stanton, on her path to success, the fears she had to let go to get there, and how she’s working to continue to pursue massive growth and momentum in her business.

Let me tell you – Jill is the REAL. DEAL. She just gets it, and I’m so thankful for her friendship. She knows what she wants and she goes after it, all while showing up as her authentic self. You’ll want to take notes, I promise. Ready to lean in? Let’s go!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • If you don’t lean into the discomfort, how are you ever going to become someone you’re proud of?

    Stepping into growth is rarely comfortable. We’re often met with doubts, fears, and negative thoughts about being judged by others. The good news? Most people aren’t constantly thinking about you, and you have the power to choose to be committed to growth, even when you’re faced with discomfort. [28:00]
  • It’s all fixable.

    You won’t be the best at something you’ve never done before, and that’s okay! In fact, no one expects you to be – BUT you can work towards excellence. If you want to reach a point of excellence in something you’ve never done before, you can absolutely get there – you just have to lean into wanting it bad enough to put in the work and learn the skills necessary to get there. [30:39]
  • Money is a tool.

    One of the biggest shifts for Jill in her business was realizing that money is just a tool. It has no meaning other than the meaning you give to it. It’s neutral. More often than not, the feelings we feel (often negative) about money are put there by us, and it’s crucial to acknowledge our money beliefs early on, so that they don’t keep us stuck in the long run. [39:40]
  • Playing to win versus playing to not lose.

    This is HUGE. Have you ever shown up in your business and done just enough to get by, but never enough to take it to the next level? Have you ever made excuses or blamed others for why you can’t fully ‘go for it’? Let’s evaluate how we’re showing up in our business – stand behind your offer, ask for the sale, go for it! It will be uncomfortable, but the magic and the ‘real you’ is on the other side of that discomfort. [41:36]

Did you know, one of the biggest lies circulating in the online business world, and beyond, is that being in alignment means you feel comfortable?

Growth is uncomfortable, alignment is uncomfortable – but it’s worth it.

The discomfort of becoming a better YOU, is better than the discomfort of stagnation.

I’m so thankful for Jill and her wisdom – inspiring us to lean into the discomfort and continue to pursue growth!

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