Failure is NOT a bad thing.

You can remove the idea that failure is a bad thing and instead use it to your advantage. 

When you have FEAR remaining in your subconscious, you will always play smaller than you are. You will always limit yourself. You will always keep one foot on the brake and wonder “Why am I not getting where I want to go?” 

The good news is that because fear is created in our mind, it’s the same place success is created! And you have the POWER to remove those fears and beliefs about failure and replace them with the thoughts and beliefs that create the results and success you want. And it is easier than you think!

Tune into Episode 114 of the Epic Success Podcast to hear how fear shows up as a success blocker and how to remove it using the power of your brain.

The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:

  1. The misbelief that success should always incrementally feel great is holding you back.
  2. How to stop playing it safe even though your brain is wired to keep you safe.

  3. Why letting go of the HOW and leaning into the BELIEF changes everything.

Spend some time thinking about those questions, center into your heart for the answers, and journaling what is coming up for you.

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Dr. Shannon Irvine

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