What if I told you that the hustle hard struggle of entrepreneurship is completely optional? That you could move past striving and start thriving?

We weren’t trained to be entrepreneurs and our brain isn’t naturally wired for it. We were taught to study hard, get good grades, avoid failure at all costs, and take the route of least resistance in a career for 40 years until retirement.

News flash: that is not how entrepreneurship works. In fact, those actions are exactly what keep so many entrepreneurs stuck and frustrated.

Great news, though! You can train your brain for success and step into the Digital CEO you were created to be! 

My friend and business coach, James Wedmore, joins me today on the Epic Success Podcast to teach you how to see entrepreneurship from the inside out! James trains Digital Entrepreneurs to market their business effectively and generate more revenue, all while reintroducing FUN into their business plans! As founder of his signature program Business by Design and his Mind Your Business podcast, he focuses on practical tips to lead a higher quality of life and business.   

James is my business mentor and helped me take my offline business online. I went from my first $5K launch, to $10K launch, to $100K launch, and now am on track for a million in 2019. I’m not that special. James is not that special. What we are is determined to help as many entrepreneurs as we can to shift their thinking and create massive success in their businesses!

Grab your paper and pencil and get ready to take notes as James shares the 5 mistakes that entrepreneurs make and the myths that keep them stuck.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “The entrepreneur is stuck in the opportunity… The Digital CEO has discipline.”

Anyone can give themselves the title of entrepreneur. One major distinction between entrepreneurs and Digital CEOs is their commitment to one thing to create momentum. Entrepreneurs are excited about the next shiny object and opportunity. In order to elevate yourself to the Digital CEO, you must become disciplined, choose one thing, and commit to the momentum. [5:17]

  • “Your business is a reflection of you.”

That is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s also a beautiful pill to swallow because it is all within your control. Your business will grow in direct proportion to how willing you are to grow. James & I say this all the time, entrepreneurship is personal development on steroids. [9:36]

  • “The truth is, it’s action that creates clarity.”

Nothing that James or I say today will change your life. What will change your life is taking action on what we say. The biggest mistake of all is not taking action because you’re afraid you’re going to mess up. It’s the action outside your comfort zone that will create the clarity for the next step. [32:38]

After listening to James talk about the 5 mistakes entrepreneurs make and the myths that keep them stuck, perhaps you identify yourself in many of those. That’s okay! This means there is opportunity for you to grow and shift out of the thinking that’s kept you stuck.

Consider trying on the belief that your success is inevitable.

In the Rise of the Digital CEO video series, James has identified the 5 core ingredients that every digital CEO has and breaks it down for you. It’s controversial and will challenge your beliefs and make you see business differently.

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