Have you read the article “1000 True Fans” and wondered to yourself, “that’s awesome and I want that… but how?” 

In a time when everyone is crazed over the number of followers, subscribers, and customers – it’s created an inch-deep, mile wide focus. We have this culture with everyone going for the numbers instead of depth and longevity.

Today’s Epic Success Podcast guest is the one and only Pat Flynn. He’s the host of Smart Passive Income podcast, one of the top 10 business podcasts of all time, as well as the best-selling author of Will It Fly?, Let Go and his newest book, Superfans:The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business.

Pat has been one of my mentors for years. It’s truly been a privilege to see his business from the inside out while being a part of his Accelerator mastermind. I definitely consider myself one of his Superfans.

If you’re ready to build a legacy business while creating a superfan base of people who sell your products, you’re in for a treat! Pat is sharing incredible tips from his upcoming book, Superfans, on how he has been able to great Superfans in his business which will give you a headstart!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “If you want to hook a person in, give them a quick win.”

It starts with the moment people find you, but it takes magical moments over time for those fans to become superfans. You can change their life, but you need to change their day first. Do this by having conversations with them and understand what their struggles are. [18:01]

  • “What unexpected, magical moment have you offered to anyone that’s following you lately?

If you can’t answer that, then it’s time to start doing that. Creating these magical moments is future-proofing your business. If something breaks down on your social media, the algorithms change, or your accounts are compromised in some way, your superfans will always come back to you because of the personal connections and unexpected surprises you’ve created for them. [31:19]

  • “Your mission grows much bigger than your business when you create superfans.”

My guess is, creating a community and impact bigger than yourself is super important to you, too, right? When you’re starting out small, the ripple effect is still there. Simply saying their name, giving them an opportunity to get involved, being open to what people say, and letting them in early on your behind the scenes processes all help nurture your community members and create superfans. [35:51]

There is so much power in creating superfans for your business! Instead of focusing on massive numbers, shifting your focus to quality Superfans will create the impact & income that you desire! Get this – if you just have 1000 true fans, and they were to pay you $100/year, that’s 6-figures right there. Incredible, right?!

Listen to the full episode for all the fantastic action steps Pat shared to get you started creating your own taken from his new book, Superfans!

If you pre-order Pat Flynn’s new book, Superfans, before Aug 13th then submit your receipt to www.yoursuperfans.com, you will get the Superfans audiobook for free!

This is the business book of the year if you’re looking to build a sustainable and powerful business that’s going to last for generations.

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