You may know today’s guest, Stacy Tuschl, from her hands-on coaching business and mentorship practice, She’s Building Her Empire.

Or maybe as the #1 Best Selling Author for her book, Is Your Business Worth Saving?

Or perhaps it may be from her podcast, She’s Building Her Empire, which is ranked #1 on iTunes?

Whichever one it is, the most important part to know is that she didn’t come out of the woodwork with two businesses, a 7-figure bank account and wild success at the get-go. In fact, Stacy began her entrepreneurial journey at age 18 from her parent’s backyard!

Pop in your earbuds and get ready to learn how Stacy went from dance teacher to empire builder and get her best advice on failed launches, working with family, being a lifetime learner and more!



Key Take-Aways You Need to Hear

  • What it was like growing up in a family of entrepreneurs.
  • The things that trip business owners up the most (and how to push past it).
  • What to do when your launch “fails” (and why you shouldn’t use that word to begin with!)
  • How she successfully runs two businesses and still has time to enjoy life.
  • Why you should continue your education, attend live events and join masterminds.
  • Business and family (and what to do when they don’t mix).


The most important thing to take away from this episode is to stop overthinking and start taking action! Your future self will thank you for it.

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