Is just the sheer thought of selling a high ticket offer making you internally panic a little (or a lot)?

Are you selling yourself short, because you don’t see your worth?

High ticket selling is nothing to shy away from. People have to feel a little uncomfortable in order to meet their future self. When they are presented with a high ticket offer, they have to start making decisions on what they want to be and it helps them show up for themselves and that big dream that they have. 

And, YOU get that opportunity to help them meet their future self. For that, my friends, is absolutely priceless.

Just as much as your clients need to step into their future self, you need to do the same. Your worth is priceless. What you can offer them is valuable. Stand in that posture, not only for the process and method you provide, but also for just who you are. 

In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I am talking with Cayla Craft, leadership coach, multi-millionaire investor, and founder of Mommy Millionaire. She has a passion for helping others untap their potential and live their best life. 

This interview is a part of a series called Take Your Seat at the Table, where I’m interviewing the Queens from our Queens Table Mastermind, all multi- 7 & 8-figure female business owners. They are going to share their journey with you. The good, the bad, the pivots, the tears, and the victories so you can see that YOU deserve a seat at the table. When I was growing my business, I just wanted to be able to have conversations like this one to figure out how I could think differently. So…this is for you! Pull up a chair – you deserve the success you see behind your eyes!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  1. Coaching is a calling. It’s part of who I am. Coaching people on making money and helping women control their earning power lights me up. Doing what you are called to do should be exciting and energizing to your spirit. What lights you up?  What is something that at the end of the day fulfills you to your core? That is your calling.

  2. If you fight for your excuses, you get to keep them. If you stay in that place, you’re not stretched. You keep the stuff that keeps you playing small, because we’re afraid to fail. Remember your why and live in it. 

  3. The people who share information make the most money. Share knowledge. Serve people. At the core of your calling, it is about the person…not you, not the money, but the people you get to serve. 

Connect with Cayla on Instagram. To your success,
Dr. Shannon Irvine

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