What does self leadership have to do with your business growth?

Well, everything.

You cannot rewire your brain without self leadership.

Self Leadership is making sure you’re governing and leading yourself in a way that will bring you to your highest and best version of yourself.

Self Leadership is putting yourself out there so you are accountable to stick to your word.

On this week’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I want to share with you how self leadership is key. The concept of self leadership is something I stepped into after learning how the brain is wired for success and failure.  Self leadership was and is a vital piece of my growth and success.

The first way I stepped into self leadership was by getting incredible mentors. Mentors help not just affirm that our BIG goals are possible, but they also hold us accountable. Something magical happens when you no longer advocate for any excuses that you have.

Are you ready to step into self leadership without your excuses? Awesome!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You cannot lead others if you do not lead yourself.”

There’s a piece of your vision that you will not be able to get people behind you, if you are not in integrity to your word. Every time you are not in self-integrity, you are no longer advocating for your best version of yourself. Transformed people transform people. If you are not leading yourself and being in 100% integrity to your word and vision, then expecting others who work for you to fill that gap just won’t work. [4:44]

  • “People will believe, rise up, and buy to the level that you believe.

You may think: “as soon as I have enough sales and my business grows, that will be validation that my solution makes sense.” That is a self leadership fallacy that we have backwards. The belief has to happen on your side, in your self governance. If you aren’t fully in the place where you believe that it’s to your future client’s detriment if they don’t buy from you, you will be focused on asking for the sale – instead of all you have to give them through your solution. [9:42]

  • “You can’t out-market somebody’s trust.”

Most entrepreneurs won’t slow down enough to train their brain for success so they can then speed up. If you spent the same amount of energy being busy learning how to be in full leadership of yourself first, then being able to transfer your vision to your team, and then to your clients, your vision then becomes so much bigger than you! That comes through self leadership.  [15:50]

I want to encourage you today to start this self leadership journey…and watch your business grow! To get started, ask yourself this filter question: “When I put myself/services/commitments out there, do I do it? What does my calendar say about my self-integrity to my word?” Get curious if you have some gaps, as the gold is in understanding why your brain is wired that way AND knowing you can change it.

 Let your yes be a yes, and your no be a no.

I want to hear what action you’re taking to step into higher self leadership! Tag me on socials – I’m holding space for your BIG goals!

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