Today is the day for all of you secretly (or not secretly!) wanting to finally ditch your 9-5!  Are you an entrepreneur who is overwhelmed by the idea of leaving your steady job and pursuing your dreams?  Are you not sure where to start, or even how to start?  


Today’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast is all about just that.  Listen in as Jill Stanton of, Screw The Nine To Five, gives us the real-life, practical steps to balancing life and business while crushing your goals.


Jill Stanton and her husband Josh are literally living the entrepreneurial dream and want you to be too.  



The biggest takeaways from this episode are:

???? “It’s literally been 5 years of figuring it out” 
Inspiration can strike in the unlikeliest of places. The key is to go for it, crush your goals and keep pushing past your own mindset obstacles. [4:19]

???? “It’s all been a process of never giving up” 
Make lots of mistakes. Then learn from them and find out what works and what to cut out. You can accomplish your goals if your path is perseverance. [10:07]

???? “Be honest about we’re at and what we’ve been through” 
It is easy to compare yourself to “overnight” successes. But that’s not the full story and instead, focus on being authentic and finding your tribe. [14:10]


And stick around to hear the #1 Tip Jill can offer brand-new and existing entrepreneurs!


Entrepreneurship is not all glitz and glamour. But you can be a mess and still show up with a heart to serve. When you crush obstacles and change the narrative that you’ve been telling yourself, you can achieve a fulfilled entrepreneurial life. We are all whole people and deserve to have that balance in our life.


Take the leap. Fight for the freedom to live life and create your business on your own terms. You do have the courage to join the entrepreneurial lifestyle and break out on your own.


If you are ready to join them in and Screw The Nine To Five then follow Jill and Josh Stanton at the links below:

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