Are you overwhelmed by all of the ideas on how to scale up your business? Ready to put your brain to work for you and start leveling up?


Lucky for all of you out there ready to flip the switch on your mindset and create the business you envision, I am back this week with more Entrepreneurs like you who have done it and are living their truths every day in their Epic Businesses! 


Tune in as Melissa Monte and Wendy Gentry share their views from my signature training program, Epic Success Academy, and their experiences as they have put their new knowledge to the test in their successful businesses! They have neural-hacked their way through challenges in their Entrepreneurial Paths and have become stronger and happier Goal-Crushing Ninjas! 


Melissa has surpassed her goals in her MindLove Podcast where she teaches her listeners on modern mindfulness and how to live out their best lives. She is building her business from the inside out and credits Epic Success Academy with providing the structure to allow her to do so. This alumna pushed past her self-doubt to crush her 100K downloads/month goal and reached 150K, with nothing stopping her on her way up!  


Next up is Wendy from the soon-to-be-launched Start with Love podcast! Her podcast focuses on teaching fellow professionals to perform better and to create coaching programs for your Tribe that work! With years of experience and education in professional development, she is a Connector who tapped into her brain and used the Epic Success Academy teachings to break free from the traditional route. She is excited to bring her genius online! 


Melissa and Wendy have put in the work to take their thoughts off autopilot and rewrite the stories that held them back for too long! Once again, I am honored to have the opportunity to catch up with 2 former students and hear all about how they are hardwiring their success and achieving their Epic goals!  



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:   

????  “All of a sudden, I had so much less to mentally take note of” 

Laying out all of your to-do list items is a freeing experience. A Brain Dump allows you to separate out the clutter and zero in on the essentials. Once you outline your plans, you can take yourself off autopilot and prioritize your tasks based on your goals. [4:57] 

????   “When you do it, it becomes a superpower” 

Pull out your limiting beliefs from your subconscious by writing them down and actually see them in front of you. You may be aware of them, but they are still in control of your life and business until you confront them and rewrite them to align with your goals. Your gift is too valuable to be held back by these old stories! [6:51] 

????   “Your mind doesn’t know what you’ve already accomplished” 

Craft your mindset from a place where you’re already successful. Set yourself up for success by thinking that you have already reached that goal, that next level, and now you are just walking towards it. Rewire your brain to think ahead and think positive about your entrepreneurial goals. The rewards from this mental shift will play out in your business and flow over to your life. [24:05]   


Harness the power of your brain to shift your mindset and create your desired reality. Show up authentically in your business and rewrite the stories that are stopping you from crushing your goals. They have been in control of your actions for too long! 


Check out Melissa’s MindLove podcast and connect with her to bring more mindfulness into your life! Follow Wendy’s journey at @WendyAnnGentry and stay tuned for her Start with Love podcast launch on October 26th 


Catch up on last week’s episode to hear thoughts from two other alumni Carl Allen and Melanie McGrice on the Epic Success Academy! 


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