As the true creator of your thoughts, are you ready to unlock this superpower and leave behind your limiting beliefs? The ones tell you that you are not good enough? That you don’t have what it takes? The ones that are standing in the way of the reality and success that you envision? 


Get set for part 2 of my new Epic Success Podcast series: Hardwiring the Brain for Success! I’m back on today’s episode to dive deep into the Mind Matrix process and guide you in resetting your stories about money, success, failure, and personal worth.    


Get your pen and paper ready as I teach you how to level up your thinking and move closer to the success you desire!



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are:  


–      “Your current reality is a reflection of your thoughts” 

Your career, your relationships, and even your checking account are products of the stories that your subconscious is programmed to tell you every day. This automated process will hold back your business at its current level until you take your thoughts off autopilot and focus on thoughts aligned with the success you desire. [2:16]  


–      “You can’t just cover it up and pretend that it’s not there” 

Positive affirmations can only get you so far. Your negative thinking needs to be neutralized and replaced by thoughts that best serve you and your goals in your business. As the creator of your thoughts, you can now start the Mind Matrix process and work on the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. [9:58] 


–      “Becoming aware of your thoughts is the first step” 

Still got that pen and paper handy? Work out the process on paper so that you can truly pull it out of your subconscious. Follow along as I guide you through the 4 steps of the Mind Matrix to rewire your thinking and step into the best version of yourself! [14:51] 


Your stories surrounding money, success, failure, and personal worth have held you back for far too long.  


Work through the Mind Matrix to take back control and replace the limiting beliefs that are running your life and business. Get ready for the final piece of the puzzle as you learn to bring success to you in next week’s episode of this special podcast series: Hardwiring the Brain for Success!   


I want to hear about your progress in becoming a Neural-Hacking Genius. Reach out to me on Facebook and Instagram to let me know if you are in!  


Missed last week’s episode or want a quick refresher? Check out Episode 080: Neuro-Hack Your Business to get caught up!  



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