Welcome back, Goal Digger!

Last week on the Epic Success Podcast, photographer, podcaster and educator Jenna Kutcher filled us in on her multi-passionate business, and how she started it all with a $300 Craigslist camera and a dream. It was an amazing episode dripping with tips on list-building, money mindset and the secret of leaving your 9-5 to follow your heart to build an empire.

Well, great news, Tribe – she’s back!  Not only will she be talking about authenticity on social media, but also her most frequently used channel…Pinterest! On this episode, she will be giving us all the goods on how she used Pinterest to position herself as an influencer and reach a larger audience for her business and message. Sounds pretty epic, right?


Get comfortable, press play and get ready to learn about:

  • Pinterest, keywords and SEO
  • Pinning strategy and board organization
  • How to make Pinterest a long-term plan
  • The details of her recent, authentic social media post and how it affected her relationship with her audience.

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