As an entrepreneur and parent, have you ever felt the tension of balancing business and family? Or how about balancing between your faith and business?

Based on conversations with the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, navigating business, family, and faith is a very common struggle, which is why I’m really excited for you to listen to today’s episode.

Today on the Epic Success Podcast, I have Christy Wright, author, Certified Business Coach, a Dave Ramsey Personality and founder of Business Boutique. While those are her official titles, she is also a wife and mom to two little boys. We talk about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and how our faith plays a role in that. We also dive into success shame, mom guilt, and navigating the seasons of life & business as a parent and business owner.

If you’re wondering how to approach business in a way that honors God, your family, and your gifts, this is the episode for you!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “We all have a seasonality to our life.”

When you don’t give ourselves permission to react to the ebb & flow of our businesses and life, you often end up piling more onto our plate in addition to the previous season’s goals and tasks. If you, instead, realize it is a season, it gives you permission to be present in the season without extra stress or guilt. [3:42]

  • “When we neglect to use our gifts, we’re missing out on showing God to people in a way no one else can show them.

God has given each of us a gift to use. You can use your gifts in many different ways – you’re not confined to one way or outlet to use your gifts. Lean in to the season God is leading you with your gifts. Ask God, “how do you want to use me today to show you to others?” [16:17]

  • “We only feel guilty about success if we have the arrogance to think that it’s ours in the first place.”

It all comes from God. He commands us to multiply. When we give in to this idea of success shaming in our culture, not only are we victims to the problem, we become part of the problem because we’re allowing that to continue. [22:54]

It’s the sacrifices made behind the scenes that lead to the success that everyone wants.

Christy leaves us with this final thought: just do something. All the impressive things in life begin with unimpressive things. Be brave and take one tiny baby step today.

Find Christy, her book, podcast, and resources at   In our conversation, Christy mentions two episodes on her Business Boutique Podcast specifically about balancing business and faith Episode 43 & Episode 68 and an article about embracing the struggle.

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